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 Includes a variety of analyst reports from major investment banks, brokerage houses, and consulting firms.

Rock's Backpages

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Over 35,000 articles on artists from Aaliyah to ZZ Top, by the finest music writers of the last 50 years.

RIPM Index to Music Periodicals with Full Text

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A collection of primary source material and periodicals for the study of music and musical life from 1760 to 1966.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Historical)

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This database provides full page and article images with searchable full text for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (1786-2003) The collection includes digital reproductions of every page from every issue in PDF format.

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Ethnographic Sound Archives Online

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Ethnographic Sound Archives Online brings together over 2,000 hours of previously unpublished historic field recordings from around the world, alongside their supporting field notes and ethnographers’ metadata, opening new paths for the study of music in its cultural context.

US Hispanic Newsstream

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US Hispanic Newsstream offers access to the largest collection of leading Hispanic newspapers, news wires, websites and blogs in full text from US publishers in both Spanish and English.

Latin American Newsstream

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Full text of over 40 Latin American newspapers and newswires covering international and Latin American regional topics.


The Hillman Library is the reason I was able to earn my Bachelors and Masters degrees in the field of Social Work. I used to be told that education is power and I found that out first hand. I probably spent 30-40 hours a week studying at Hillman because I needed more time than most people to get the same amount of work done. The fact is I have a learning disability and was an average student at best. I dropped out of High School and barely passed my GED.


I was a student worker at Hillman from March 1968 until graduation in 1971. I worked in all areas and Departmental Libraries. I eventually became Stacks Master, supervising other student workers. I had keys to the building and was responsible for opening and closing the library. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and met so many wonderful people. H2P


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