Proposed Hillman Library Ground Floor View

Hillman Library Reinvention

The Hillman Reinvention continues, with floors 1 and 2 closing for approximately 18 months, beginning in July 2021.

When completed, these newly renovated floors will contain:
•    An expanded and relocated Open Lab
•    A large, open study area with movable furniture, which can be reconfigured into event space
•    A significantly expanded indoor/outdoor café
•    An accessible ramp entrance on the Forbes Ave. side of the building

We apologize for any disruptions this might cause. Please let us know if there's anything we can do to help you!

The vision

Hillman Library will be the principal hub of intellectual activity on campus providing services, resources, and inspiring spaces—from vibrant to serene—that advance academic study, stimulate innovation in knowledge creation, encourage intellectual exploration and creativity, and foster energetic collaborative exchange.

The research

University Facilities and the ULS worked with research firm brightspot to: “… identify changes and future needs in academic research, learning, and teaching in order to generate opportunities for how spaces and services in Pitt’s academic library can respond to these future needs.”

Brightspot conducted focus groups, interviews, and surveys with Pitt faculty, and students, as well as library staff. This report is the result of that process and is one of many inputs into the process of designing spaces and services for a reinvented Hillman.

The basics

Because of the essential role it plays on campus Hillman will remain open for the duration of the renovation and, because of this, the renovation will take longer than it otherwise might. Currently, a target of five years is in place. During the renovation, all library collections will remain accessible, whether relocated within Hillman Library or via the Thomas Blvd. Library (the library off-site storage facility), and all library services will continue.

Preparation work for the renovation has begun so you can expect to see an increase in activity in the building along with some changes and relocations of collections and services as we lay the groundwork for the renovation. While some disruption is inevitable, we remain committed to providing the support at levels you have come to expect from the ULS.

Collection movement

In preparation for the renovation library collections in Hillman need to be either shifted within the building or moved to the Thomas Blvd. Library. Items in this facility can be requested and will be delivered to campus.
The work of moving collections began with the 4th floor, and is continuing with the remaining floors.

What's going where?

General Collection, call numbers A – Z

To Thomas Blvd. Library:

  • Books published on or before 2010 which have never circulated
  • Books published on or before 2005 that have not circulated since 2005
  • Books published on or before 2005 that have circulated two or fewer times

Remaining Ps to Hillman Library Ground Floor Compact Shelving

Remaining Qs-Zs: To Engineering Library, Lower Level

2nd Floor East Asian Library moving soon to the 4th Floor.

For more information contact Haihui Zhang or Hiro Good.

1st Floor Reference Collection moving soon to the 3rd Floor.

Reference materials published on or before 2005 will be moved to storage unless they have been reviewed for retention or are part of a current standing order or series.

Ground Floor

To Thomas Blvd. Library:

  • Government documents (minus Census materials which are staying in the Ground Floor Compact Shelving) 
  • Print journals (pre-1970) except for the browsing journals  listed above
  • Maps and map cases
  • Microfilm and microfiche

What's moving?

The schedules below are tentative. Check PittCat to confirm location of items.

If your item is moving now or recently moved, please ask for assistance at the Donald S. Wood Service Desk or let us get it for you by following the Get it! link in PittCat.

Recently moved
  • All Latin American Reading Room materials have been moved to Thomas Blvd. Library
  • All Oversize books have been moved to Thomas Blvd. Library
  • Call numbers A-CT moved to 3rd floor
  • Call numbers K-N moved to 3rd floor
  • Journals from 2017 to present and full run of select titles (Harpers Magazine, Life, The New Yorker) moved to 3rd floor
  • Reference collection moved to 3rd floor
  • EAL collections moved to 4th floor
  • African American collection moved to 4th floor
Moving now
  • To be announced

Graduate Study Spaces

PhD Dissertation Writing Room and Graduate Study Room on the 4th floor of Hillman Library will be closed to the public at the end of March 2021 as part of phase III of the renovation. More information can be found on the PhD Dissertation Writing Room or the Graduate Study Room page.

Ways to Give

You can be a part of the exciting renovation and reinvention of Hillman Library. Join us on our journey as we reimagine and renovate physical spaces, programs, and services to position Pitt students, faculty, and researchers for academic, career, and research success. Hillman Library is creating new open and group-study spaces, adding new technologies, engaging people with unique archives and the treasures of our special collections, and actively partnering librarians with students, faculty, and researchers in new ways to help them discover new resources, manage mountains of data; publish an online free journal, create a film, podcast, or virtual reality experience, and so much more. Hillman Library named gift and recognition opportunities are available.

Contact Renée Pekor, Director of Development, to learn more about how you can make a gift to help reinvent Hillman Library.


construction image

Hillman Floors 1 & 2 Closing Soon!

The Hillman Reinvention continues, with floors 1 and 2 closing for approximately 18 months beginning in July. When completed these newly renovated floors will contain:

  • An expanded and relocated Open Lab, a collaboration between the University Center for Teaching and Learning and the University Library System. Through workshops, class sessions, consultations and trainings, the Lab aims to connect the Pitt community with technology for hand-on making and experiential learning
  • A large, open study area with movable furniture, which can be reconfigured into event space
  • A significantly expanded indoor/outdoor café
  • An accessible ramp entrance on the Forbes Ave. side of the building

We apologize for any disruptions this might cause. Please let us know if there's anything we can do to help you!

Archives & Special Collections

Archives & Special Collections and Renovated Hillman Third Floor Open!

Hillman's renovated third floor and with it Archives & Special Collections now open! The new Archives & Special Collections space contains significant physical and digital exhibition space, an expansive reading room, and a large classroom, allowing for hands-on interaction with collection materials. Visit during library open hours or take a virtual tour!
Hillman Library third floor in progress

Third Floor Progress!

Ok, it might not look like much, but this is real progress! Space cleared and walls starting to go up. Set to reopen in 2020, it will house Archives & Special Collections, including a reading room, classroom, & a large digital interactive wall. Also of note on the newly renovated 3rd floor will be the Text & conText Lab, which will provide an active environment for the creation, manipulation, and disassembly of text, as well as the wide variety of forms and media in which text is represented, experienced, and stored. Stay tuned!

Third Floor Closing Soon Sign

The Third Floor is Closing on Monday April 29!

Say goodbye old third floor and wait for the amazing new one, which will be open next year!

The Archives & Special Collections at Hillman's temporary new reading room on the ground floor

Archives & Special Collections in their new temporary home

The Archives & Special Collections Hillman reading room moved to our new temporary location in G-20 Hillman (located near the Cup & Chaucer) during the library renovation. Stop by and say hi!

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Hillman Interactive Floor Map

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