Bibliometrics and Research Impact


Our mission is to help the Pitt research community to access, use and interpret bibliometric and altmetric data and indicators. Bibliometric/altmetrics measures can be used to better understand the research landscape and a researcher’s, research group’s or institution's position in it.

Citation databases and tools tracking use of research outputs in social networks can be valuable in providing evidence of the volume and impact of research activity both within the scholarly community (research impact) and in a broader community (social impact).

Bibliometric and altmetric data, when used responsibly and in context, can be used as evidence of impact in grant, job or promotion applications.

Let's work together to:

  • Compile metrics for your publications and other research outputs
  • Perform article citation analysis
  • Identify appropriate baselines for comparisons
  • Find your h-index
  • Find impact of journals
  • Find collaborators for your next project
  • Track newest research trends in your field
  • Track social impact of your research with altmetrics
  • Advocate for the responsible application of bibliometrics

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How to:

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