Looking through the glass of a group working together

Reserve a Group Study Space

How to

  1. Go to our booking page
  2. Pick a room & a time in the chart
  3. Enter your name and Pitt email
  4. Click submit
  5. Check that you’ve received a confirmation email (please keep this handy)

Need technical assistance?

  • Please visit Ground Floor Service Desk with any hardware related issues
  • Reminder: Do not unplug any equipment or turn off the TVs

The fine print:

  • Please use your Pitt email address
  • Have your reservation confirmation handy
  • You can reserve up to two 1 hour slots in a day*
  • You can reserve a maximum of two 1 hour slots in any given week
  • You can reserve up to six 1 hour slots in any given  month
  • Minimum 2 persons per room
  • Rooms not reserved are available on a first come/first served basis
  • The rooms cannot be used on an ongoing basis as classroom or recitation space
  • Please respect others' reservations
  • Rooms have whiteboards and markers

*Slots are for one hour with one exception: The last slot each day is 45 minutes, so that your group has time to leave before Hillman closes.