PhD Dissertation Writing Room

The PhD Dissertation Writing Room has closed in preparation for the next phase of the Hillman Library Renovation project.

In Hillman Library, PhD carrels are available for students who have passed their comprehensive exams, are currently taking dissertation credits, and are pursuing dissertation research and/or the writing phase of their program to work in a quiet environment. 

  • Assigned PhD Carrels are available on a first come, first served basis to University of Pittsburgh PhD program candidates with a valid Pitt ID Card, who passed their comprehensive exams, and are currently taking dissertation credits.
  • Carrels are assigned for an academic year, with the option to renew if available.
  • There will be a $40 charge for any lost keys to your assigned carrel lockers. Failure to return key at end of assignment will result in a $40 charge.
  • Assigned PhD carrels may be used by graduate students when PhD carrel assignee is not present. For this reason carrel assignees are not permitted to leave out any materials on the carrel table or attach signs, papers, flyers, etc. to the carrels.
  • Library materials in carrel lockers must be checked out to your Pitt ID Card.
  • Only personal materials and library materials checked out to your Pitt ID Card may be stored in your carrel. The library is not responsible for any items kept in the room and valuables should not be kept in carrels.
  • Due to high demand, assignments to the PhD carrels are not available to students from the schools of Health Sciences or Law.