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Open Lab @ Hillman


Open Lab’s services are easy to access and free to the University community. Simply complete one of our short online pre-trainings and make an appointment to visit one of our physical locations to get started.

About the Open Lab @ Hillman

Open Lab @ Hillman is a collaboration between the University Center for Teaching and Learning and the University Library System. Through workshops, class sessions, consultations and trainings, we aim to connect the Pitt community with technology for hand-on making and experiential learning. Drop in to experience virtual reality, learn to 3D print, use a vinyl cutter,or borrow a 360 degree video camera.

Pitt students, staff, and faculty are all welcome at the Open Lab @ Hillman, where you’ll find support from staff who can provide training and guidance. In addition to personal and research-related projects, we also provide support for course-related projects, including instructional design consultations for instructors interested in exploring incorporating emerging technologies into their teaching.

The lab is currently equipped with a virtual reality workstations, 3D printers, a vinyl cutter, 360 degree video cameras, and a laser cutter/engraver (currently located offsite). We'll continue to develop the equipment available here, so check back (and let us know what you'd like to see!).

We have a sister space on campus, Open Lab @ Alumni, with a different set of equipment and offerings. For more information, check out the Teaching Center’s Open Lab website.

Open Lab Online Training

Open Lab @ Canvas is our digital training space, created in collaboration with the University Library System’s Digital Stewardship Lab. We offer training on our equipment, from 3D printers to the laser cutter & engraver, and on the software that is often used with this equipment, from Adobe Illustrator to Unity.

To learn how to use a piece of Open Lab equipment and be authorized to use it, you will complete:

  1. Online pre-training on Open Lab @ Canvas;
  2. Training – your choice of in-person or online.

Where to find us

The Open Lab @ Hillman is located in Hillman Library G-7, just next to the main entrance on the ground floor.