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The ULS Assessment and Quality Assurance Unit coordinates data collection, analysis, and dissemination in order to:

  • provide evidence for setting strategic and operational priorities,
  • work with departments to analyze their processes to optimize outputs and outcomes,
  • report on Library performance,
  • demonstrate value of ULS services to all its stakeholders, and
  • collaborate nationally on the development of meaningful assessment measures and strategies.

The Unit's work is guided by the following principles:

  • objectivity and impartiality,
  • focus of assessment on value and impact of services to the University community, and their alignment with the ULS and University’s strategic priorities,
  • use of available evidence to support the ongoing review of Library operations and to tell the Library's story,
  • recommendations for Library process changes based on the robust analysis of available evidence, and
  • continuous skills development to improve Unit’s performance.

Organizationally, the Assessment and Quality Assurance Unit is part of ULS Administrative Services. The Unit Director is a member of Library Management Team and reports to the University Librarian, Dr. Kornelia Tancheva. The Unit collaborates broadly across all ULS departments, the University’s Institutional Research Office, the Office of the Provost, and Business Intelligence. The Unit’s staff are active members of ALA, ALCTS, AIR, NORDP and ISSI.

For more details see the 2020-2023 Plan for the ULS Assessment and Quality Assurance Unit


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