Shelves of various vhs videos in Stark Media Services

Stark Media Services

Located in Hillman Library, Stark Media Services provides access to Hillman Library's film collections and expertise in media services. The collection primarily supports classroom instruction across disciplines with an emphasis on Film Studies. Most items in the collection are available for a two-week loan to University of Pittsburgh students, staff, and faculty with a valid Pitt ID. Please see our information about Length of Loans and Fines for more information on borrowing periods, overdue items, and replacement costs.

Requests & Reservations

Requesting Materials through Get-It

In preparation for the Hillman Library renovation, many films are being stored at the Thomas Blvd. Library, our secure, temperature-controlled off-site facility. Placing a Get-It request is a fast and convenient way of requesting materials from the Stark Media Collection or any of the ULS Libraries.

  1. Start at
  2. Search for the title you are interested in
  3. Click on the title from the results page
  4. Sign into your Pitt Account
  5. Click Request Item
  6. Choose the location to deliver the item to
  7. Click Send Request
  8. You will receive a notification email when the item is read to pick up

Purchase Request Form

If we do not have the film(s) that you need in our collections, please use the online form to request that the ULS purchase media in streaming or physical format.

  • We'll review your request, then contact you with available options. We can't guarantee the availability of all requested media in an appropriate format, but we'll make every effort to fulfill requests.
  • If you have questions about purchase requests for non-standard format options, or for specific editions of titles that are critical to the requirements of the course, please contact your ULS Subject Specialist Librarian for ordering assistance.

Reserve Request Form

Request that a film (ULS-owned or personal copy) be placed on reserve for students to view in Stark Media Services at Hillman Library or to ensure it is available for a classroom screening. Placing films on reserve allows titles to be readily accessible for you and your students when needed.

Media Conversion

For questions about media duplication/digitization of physical media, please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Available for checkout in Stark Media Services

  • Portable USB 2.0 external DVD drives
  • 16mm film take up reel

Available for use in Stark Media Services

  • Standard DVD and VHS players
  • Multi-region PAL DVD and VHS players
  • Blu-ray player
  • 16mm film projector
  • 3D Viewing Station

*Media viewing stations are located on the Second Floor of Hillman Library. They are freely available to use during building operational hours.

Available for use at Archives & Special Collections (by appointment only)

  • 16mm Steenbeck viewing table
  • high speed audio cassette duplicator 
  • Beta SP player
  • Mini-DV player
  • ¾U‑matic deck

Helpful Media Guides

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