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Stark Media Services (Film & Audio Collection)

Contact Information : 

Stark Media Services
G-22 Hillman Library (adjacent to the Cup & Chaucer Café)


  • Located in Hillman Library, Stark Media Services houses the ULS film and video collection
  • The collection primarily supports classroom instruction across disciplines with an emphasis on Film Studies
  • The film and video collection is primarily non-circulating, except for use in faculty research or classroom instruction
  • Film and video materials may be viewed by all patrons in Stark Media Services during regular hours of operation
  • Materials previously available in the Stark audio collection are housed Libraries Collections Storage Unit and may be requested via the Get It service

Faculty Request Forms

  • Purchase request form - Request that the ULS purchase media for teaching or research. If you have questions about purchase requests for non-standard format options, or for specific editions of titles that are critical to the requirements of the course, please contact your ULS Subject Specialist Librarian for ordering assistance.
  • Classroom use reservation form – Request that a film be held for pickup for a classroom screening
  • Reserve request form  -  Request that a film be placed on reserve for students to view in Stark Media Services at Hillman Library
  • Student checkout form – Undergraduate students can borrow materials for a class with permission of their instructor. The form must be filled out, signed by the faculty member authorizing the loan, and submitted to Stark Media Services upon checkout.


Available for checkout in Stark Media Services

8 hour loan period, no renewals, .25/hour overdue fines

  • headphones 
  • portable USB 2.0 external DVD drives

Available for use in Stark Media Services

  • standard DVD and VHS players
  • multi-region PAL DVD and VHS players
  • Blu-ray player
  • 16mm film projector
  • 3D Viewing Station

Available for use at Archives Service Center (by appointment only)

  • 16mm Steenbeck viewing table
  • high speed audio cassette duplicator 
  • Beta SP player
  • Mini-DV player
  • ¾U‑matic deck


Length of Loans & Fines for Media Services Materials


Faculty, Graduate

Maximum Number
of Items


General Loan Period

14 Days


Contact Staff

Overdue Fines

$0.25 day/item

Grace Period

2 Days

Recalled Materials

$1 day/item


$25 or 10
Overdue Items

Lost Material
Replacement Cost

List Price + $25 processing fee

Processing Fee



Purpose of Overdue Fines

Fines encourage borrowers to return materials so they’ll be available for others to use.  We charge fines for overdue items to all categories of borrowers, including faculty, staff, and students. There is a two-day grace period for media items. If a media item is due September 1st, you may return it as late as September 3rd before incurring an overdue fine. However, on September 4th, an overdue fee of $0.25 per day retroactive to September 1 would be assessed (i.e. a total of $1.00). 


Overdue notices sent by the University Libraries are courtesy reminder notices only. We are not responsible for delayed delivery of notices due to inaccurate addresses or other delivery problems.

Lost Item Replacement Charges

We charge a $100 default replacement fee for media materials that are 28 days overdue and are considered "Lost", plus a non-refundable $25 processing fee for each item. "Lost" items cannot be renewed and must be returned to the library for your account to be credited. If you return the item after billing and before we’ve begun the reorder process to replace it, your account will be adjusted and the replacement and processing fees will be removed. If we have "withdrawn" the item, some portion of the replacement fee plus the $25 processing fee will be retained.


Locating Films and Videos

Using PITTCat+:

  1. Connect to PITTCat+
  2. Search for the title or director
  3. Choose "video recording" under Content Type in the left hand column

Tip: if you don't see "video recording" choose "more", then "video recording"