ULS E-Journal Publishing Program

Looking for a new publisher for your Open Access journal, transitioning from a print subscription journal to online Open Access, or starting a new Open Access journal? We publish more than 40 scholarly, peer-reviewed online journals with partners from the Pitt community as well as scholars from around the world.

Because we're committed to helping scholarly communities share knowledge through open and responsible collaboration, we subsidize the costs of electronic publishing and provide incentives to promote Open Access to research.

Our skilled staff will help you turn your ideas into reality and produce an online academic journal of the highest quality at very low cost. For specific information about the benefits of publishing with us, please see our Tools and Services page.

Our Mission

  • Support researchers in:
    • knowledge production
    • rapid sharing of new research
    • Open Access to scholarly information
  • Build collaborative partnerships around the world
  • Improve the production and sharing of scholarly research
  • Support innovative publishing services

Our Program

  • Promotes Open Access journal publishing services at a very low cost
  • Eliminates the high cost of print journal publication and distribution
  • Allows easy collaboration among authors, editors, and reviewers regardless of location
  • Enhances the visibility, searchability, and navigation of publications
  • Incorporates innovative and sustainable technologies to support scholarly publishing

Selection Criteria

We are seeking partners who:

  • Ensure quality through a rigorous peer-review process
  • Support Open Access to scholarly research
  • Are supported by an internationally recognized editorial board
  • Possess the staff resources needed to ensure timely publication
  • Solicit new original scholarly research through an open call for papers
  • Practice selectivity regarding published content

The University Library System, University of Pittsburgh is a member of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA) and the Library Publishing Coalition. We also offer the Scholarly Exchange® service, a hosting-only service using Open Journal Systems, for Open Access journals that prefer to publish on their own or that do not meet our selection criteria.