Request Course Reserves

If you would like to place resources on Course Reserve, please use this form. If you require streaming media for online instruction, please complete the Ask Us to Buy Films Form.

(5 digit # found on Course Description page)
Reserve Item Information
  • Requests will be processed as quickly as possible; in the order they’re received. Every effort will be made to have requests processed by the start of the term. Please contact ULS Course Reserve Services if you have questions.  
  • Please contact ULS Course Reserve Services for remote upload options.
  • You can check for e-journals here.
  • You may list the information on this form or attach a file listing bibliography of all materials for Course Reserve.  
  • We’ll contact you when your items are available to check out and for your students to use. 
  • You will be contacted when your Course Reserve list is available. 
  • For an electronic Course Reserve list, you will be given a password. For security reasons, please share the password only with your students in class. Do not distribute it in print. 
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