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East Asian Library

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207 Hillman Library
3960 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

About the Library: 

The University Library System (ULS) at the University of Pittsburgh (PITT) began its Chinese collection in 1960 after PITT was selected as one of the 20 National Defense Education Act centers for Chinese studies. Five years later, the East Asian Library (EAL) was established to include also the Japanese collection. The Korean materials were added to the collection from the year 2000.

Today, the EAL has become one of the most prominent East Asian collections in North America with over 431,167 volumes of monographs, about 900 titles of periodicals, around 14,475 reels of microfilms, over 27 current newspapers, 4,400 multi-media resources, and 18 major area studies online databases. As of June 2015, the library ranks the 14th in size among all the East Asian collections in North America and is the largest resource center in the Tri-state area (Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia). The library’s primary mission is to support the Asian Studies Center for instruction and research in Chinese, Japanese and Korean studies.

The Chinese emblem of EAL was written by Wang Xizhi (王羲之, AD303-361, also Wang Hsi-chih ). He was a very famous calligrapher and lived in Jin Dynasty. His masterpiece has been studied by generations of students and used as examples to learn and practice the art of calligraphy. We collected the characters he wrote and modified a little bit to create our Chinese logo. Click to view Fullsize of EAL Chinese Logo.