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Digital Scholarship Services

Located in the Digital Scholarship Commons on the ground floor of Hillman Library, Digital Scholarship Services is a front-end to the library's resources, expertise, and services in support of a broad range of digital and data-intensive scholarly activities. Our areas of expertise include:

We work with students, faculty, and researchers from all disciplines, and we strive to faciliate and raise the visibility of collaborative and interdisciplinary work.


You may be starting a new project, or may just be curious about a particular tool or method for your research or teaching -- library specialists in Digital Scholarship Services are available for consultations to help you get started. Contact us to make an appointment, stop by our office space in Hillman Library, or reach us by phone at (412) 648-5908.


Undertaking digital work often means drawing on resources and expertise distributed around the university, the region, or the world. Digital Scholarship Services not only represents library capabilities, but also works to maintain awareness of other relevant resources, and can assist with connections and coordination.


The ULS has partnered with faculty and doctoral students from the School of Information Science to present a recurring workshop series exploring the topics and tools of digital scholarship. A new round of workshops is scheduled every fall and spring term, but training is also available on-demand, or through scheduled consultations at any time. Digital Scholarship Services also partners with instructors and students exploring digital or data-intensive methods for analysis and communication. Our staff work with courses to present an overview of digital methods, including text analysis, network analysis, mapping of time and space, and digital exhibits and storytelling.


Ensuring the long-term survival and accessibility of your digital scholarship is not always a simple task: formats and platforms change, and data must be well-described and managed to be understood by others. Expertise in digital stewardship is a natural extension of the library's role of curating and stewarding information; we provide guidance and support with a special focus on digital modes of scholarship.