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As a native Pittsburgher, my memories of Hillman actually stretch back to my high school years in Oakland, when I regularly used the library both for onsite research and lending---my older cousin was studying at Pitt and used to let me use his ID back in the days when they had no photos.

When I got to Pitt myself for my undergraduate degree, I probably spent more time in Hillman between classes than anywhere else. Besides an actual class in the building, I used to hang out a lot in the Classics Department that was located there my first year. The Forbes Avenue corner outside the library was also where I caught the bus back home to Bloomfield. When my Dad was able to offer me a ride, "in front of Hillman" was the regular meeting point.

Hillman was very much the center of the universe for those in the humanities, since most of their classes tended to be in the Cathedral, Lawrence Hall or the Frick Fine Arts Building back then. Before access to the Internet, students spent much of their time photocopying chapters of works being held on reserve in Hillman for their classes.

Life has truly changed since those days, but the memories of a regular visit to the Pitt library on a Sunday evening before the week began will always be with me. I have lived and worked on five continents since my graduation from Pitt, but I'll never lose those fond images of the welcome warmth of my Oakland "home" in Hillman on bitterly cold winter days back in the seventies.

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