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I had spent the previous two years in my home town of Bradford PA attending the University of Pittsburgh. In 1975 I experienced my first extended period of time away from home as a Liberal Studies major at the Pitt main campus. Although I have always loved being around people my shyness kept me from spending much time socializing during my Junior and Senior years at Pitt. I loved spending time in the Cathedral of Learning but we must remember, this was before the internet and I needed books to do my research. The Hillman Library was where the books were. I spent a great deal of time in that library.

Tonight I am having trouble finding the words to describe the feeling I had 40 years after my graduation in 76' when I returned for the first time to the Hillman Library. It felt as though nothing had changed in the building. The smell, the heavy oak tables and chairs and of course the rows and rows of books. In a strange moment of melancholic insight I stood in the library and clearly remembered myself sitting at those tables, I was carried back in time and witnessed myself studying or more than likely day dreaming. But now I had traveled back with the knowledge of all the things that had happened to myself over 40 years. It was a odd, surreal moment where I longed to tell my 1976 self what would take place over the next 40 years, stories of what I will experience. It seems so flat, so one dimensional to tell of this experience but in the moment, it was an experience I will never forget, in part thanks to the fact that the Hillman Library still stands, solid, a professor and a spiritual guide in its own right. I now know what you could have only imagined Steven.

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