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Reserve a Locker (Hillman)

The basics:

  • Lockers located on the ground floor of Hillman Library are available to University of Pittsburgh undergraduate & graduate students with a valid Pitt ID Card on a first come first served basis
  • Lockers are assigned per academic year (first day of fall term - July 31 )
  • A combination lock for each locker will be provided
  • Apply for a locker during the hours of Monday – Friday 8:30 – 5:00 at the Hillman Library Donald S. Wood Service Desk on the ground floor.


Contact library staff at the Hillman Library Donald S. Wood Service Desk or at 412-648-7800 with any questions


The fine print*:

  •     Lockers are assigned for the academic year: first day of fall term through July 31
  •     All lockers must be vacated by July 31. After that date, the library is authorized to dispose of any personal material stored in the locker and the lock will be changed
  •     You are not permitted to give the combination to anyone else. The assigned locker is to be used by the assigned student only. Lockers include a combination lock which will be given to you
  •     Any library materials in the locker must be checked out to a Pitt ID Card
  •     Do not store valuable property such as laptops, iPads, etc. in the locker as the library is not responsible for any items stored
  •     Food, drinks, weapons, or hazardous materials are not permitted to be stored in the lockers
  •     Inspections of assigned lockers may be conducted by library staff who are authorized to remove materials that violate regulations
  •     Fines may be applied to a student’s library account for the following: damage to the locker, uncharged and non-circulating materials and food items or inappropriate stored beverage items


*Non-compliance with locker policies will result in the immediate loss of locker assignment.