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I remember as a pledge of AKA so many years ago that the Hillman was the place to go for absolute peace and my sorors today appreciated that fact then.


I would occasionally go to Hillman Library to both study and sometimes just to socialize. One one occasion my fourth year I had gone down the Hillman with a teammate to do some studying on the second floor. I happened to spot a friend and went over to say hello. I knelt beside her to say hi and talk for a minute. I looked across the table and then did a double take. I introduced myself to this girl sitting across from my friend. A few nights later I ran into this girl again and made up my mind that I wanted to ask her out. I finally did ask her out a week or so later.


Studying on the first floor with all my friends during finals weeks and never getting any studying done. Hands down best bonding times @ClubHillman


As a under grad commuter spent many hours between classes trying to study in Hillman. Started out fine but usually fell asleep. Pre cell phone days so had no alarm to wake me for class.


*Being consistently stared at or hushed because I didn't realize I was on one of the quiet floors
*Being nervous to go the first time becaue I was intimidated by the fact that visiting a library required the use of a map
*The look of a Lit major: sitting on the floor in the aisles surrounded by literary critiques


I spent many hours at Hillman between classes reading copies of the British humor magazine "Punch". I always regarded this as time well spent and it probably explains my appreciation of British humor. Actually did some studying there too.


I "worked" in every "department" of Hillman and in some of the branch libraries when we instituted the Library System and also was it's interim director until we hired the first permanent Director. I learned a lot about libraries and people during that time.


I worked at Hillman Library from 1974 to 1984 in Fiscal/Records Unit for Robert M. Neumann and Glenora Rossell, Director.
Many wonderful folks worked at Hillman and for the ULS during those years.


Hillman Library was one of my favorite places on the Pitt campus. The spaces were both functional and attractive and the art displayed on every floor was very interesting. There were lots of places one could "hide" or find some privacy while studying. As a first-year student in 1968, just one year after Hillman was built, I loved spending time there.


I was an undergraduate, enrolled in the School of Nursing and a commuter. I have fond memories of sitting at "my spot" in Hillman and studying between classes. "My spot" looked over Forbes Avenue, which provided a great view of activities. Those were the days!


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