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Hillman Library holds a very special place in my heart. It is where I would meet friends and enjoy some of my favorite philosophical discussions. I spent so many hours at the library studying that I decided to get a job at CSSD. Between socializing, studying and working - I have a lot of great memories of the library.


We called Hillman Library "Club Hillman" because it was such a social place, especially the 2nd floor. All the fraternities and sororities would set up tables and study and socialize, at the same time!


Like so many students, I'll never forget feverishly studying for midterms and finals until extremely late at night at the Hillman. It was where I studied with classmates and made lifelong friends, found more than one girlfriend, earned something of a living by working as a CSSD student worker, and even just found a respite from the summer heat that more than one apartment was unable to provide. Regardless of the activity, being there with so many other students gave me a sense of camraderie and is definitely a part of what makes me so proud to be a Pitt alumnus.


During my time at Pitt (1999-2003) Hillman Library was widely and affectionately known as "Club Hillman." I don't have a specific memory, because there were so many. I mostly remember meeting with friends to study, relax, and socialize at Club Hillman.


Hillman was a huge part of my college experience. I worked there as a student, and I have fond memories of spending time in the stacks, re-shelving my cart full of books. I worked with great people who became good friends. When we had to work on Saturday mornings, someone would usually bring Bruegger's bagels for everyone.
I also studied there all the time (it was more comfortable than the Cathedral), and the higher the floor, the quieter it was (not much studying got done on the first floor!). Hillman Library is one of the places I miss the most about Pitt!


An internship I did in Hillman Library led to my first professional position on the library staff. I completed that internship while a graduate student at Duquesne University. Following graduation, I was invited to return to be the first Photo Archivist at Pitt and had many rewarding experiences assisting students, faculty and people from the outside in their quests for visual information about Pittsburgh and its region.


I remember all the nights spent in Hillman studying for exams or writing papers and having to wait in line to sign out a laptop and hope there was one to sign out!


One of my favorite memories was creating an exhibit on K. Leroy Irvis. We did this as part of a preservation course, and we then installed it in Hillman.


As an undergraduate student at Carlow University, I would take the bus down the street and use Hillman for my research because it was so much better than our institution. Being there and interacting with the librarians inspired me to go to Pitt for my masters in library and information science. I'm now an academic librarian at the college level.


While I didn't meet my spouse at Hillman, we spent many hours there in quiet together working on homework or studying. We would spend a lot of time together at Hillman before we started dating, when we were just getting to know each other. I would say Hillman was a great excuse to invite her to hang out. She would say, my invitations helped her get her best GPA of her final semester senior year. We've made many memories there together and Hillman is one of the reasons why our relationship blossomed.


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