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In late August 1991, I met my future husband in Hillman Library. He worked in the Mail Room and I worked in Technical Services. Now married 23 years with two sons, we are both working in the Technical Services Department and in the Fall, our oldest son will be entering his Junior year here at Pitt majoring in Architecture.


Once on a Saturday night during finals week I had brought a carton of Ben & Jerry's to Hillman (because that's the best way to spend a Saturday night) only to realized I had forgotten a spoon and ofcourse the help desk on the ground floor offered me a spoon in my time of need.


I met my boyfriend in Hillman library! It was during fall finals week and the entire place was packed with people, but he shared his extra table space with me, the rest is history.


I'll never forget staying in the library for about 24 hours one semester. I had a 10 page research paper due the next day and I of course hadn't started it. We were only allowed to use books from the library - no internet sources allowed! I camped out in front of a computer on floor 3 I think. I gathered all the books that I needed and started typing away. I only braked for more coffee and snacks on the ground floor - absolute life savers each finals week!


I used to tell my parents when they'd call to check in on me that I started dating a guy named "Hillman." I'd tell them that he was always there for me, he never spoke back at me, was super knowledgeable and always had tea when I needed it to help me study.


I had the pleasure of working as the project manager for the building of The Hillman Library. As a University of Pittsburgh graduate in Civil Engineering class of 60 it was a thrill for me to be involved in the construction of this prestigious Institutional facility and to be employed by the Dick Corp. the premier General Contractor of the city of Pittsburgh. The design as I remember was very progressive for the times with a beautiful facade. Jack Nieri


I was an engineering student and hillman was always a great place to study to mingle with other non-engineering students. Finals was always fun pulling late nights and using the study rooms for group study sessions.


I remember as a pledge of AKA so many years ago that the Hillman was the place to go for absolute peace and my sorors today appreciated that fact then.


I would occasionally go to Hillman Library to both study and sometimes just to socialize. One one occasion my fourth year I had gone down the Hillman with a teammate to do some studying on the second floor. I happened to spot a friend and went over to say hello. I knelt beside her to say hi and talk for a minute. I looked across the table and then did a double take. I introduced myself to this girl sitting across from my friend. A few nights later I ran into this girl again and made up my mind that I wanted to ask her out. I finally did ask her out a week or so later.


Studying on the first floor with all my friends during finals weeks and never getting any studying done. Hands down best bonding times @ClubHillman


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