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Bibliography of Asian Studies (BAS)

Bibliographie der deutschen Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft

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German language index of (primarily) German language periodicals covering all aspects of German language and literature. Includes books, pamphlets, articles, dissertations, reviews, etc. Indexes approximately 300 international (but primarily German) periodicals.

Bible In English

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iterature Online features an ever-growing collection of over 260,000 works of poetry, drama and prose with complementary reference resources. LION provides access to an extensive collection of secondary resources (resources ABOUT these works and their authors).

Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals

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The Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals provides citations to more than 1,000 periodicals published worldwide on archaeology, city planning, interior design, and historic preservation, as well as architecture. Also includes major serial publications on architecture and design of Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Australia.

ATLA Religion

Asian American Drama

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Asian American Drama contains 70 plays by 17 playwrights, together with detailed, fielded information on related productions, theaters, production companies, and more. When complete, the collection will include more than 250 plays, of which some 50% have never been published before.


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ARTstor has collections of over 500,000 digital art images and associated data that can be used for noncommercial and scholarly, non-profit educational use. The images are drawn from different sources, such as museums, archaeological teams, photo archives, slide collections, and art reference publishers.

Arts & Humanities Citation Index

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Covering the time period from 1992 to the present, the Web of Science offers expanded search options, including the ability to locate all cited authors (not just first authors), track times cited information, and hotlink to first and subsequent generation articles. It includes approximately 15,250 new cited references and 2,250 new articles per week.

ARTFL (American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language)

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The database consists of nearly 2000 texts, ranging from classic works of French literature to various kinds of non-fiction prose and technical writing, including works by Voltaire, Moliere, Camus, Balzac and many others. The eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries are about equally represented, with a smaller selection of seventeenth century texts as well as some medieval and Renaissance texts.

ARTbibliographies Modern

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The scope of ARTbibliographies Modern extends from artists and movements beginning with Impressionism in the late 19th century, up to the most recent works and trends in the late 20th century. A particular emphasis is placed upon adding new and lesser-known artists and on the coverage of foreign-language literature.


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