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The Encyclopaedia Britannica is the world's most comprehensive reference product, a distinction it has held since its first publication in 1768. Through this service, you can find more than 72,000 articles, updated and revised by EB editors and contributors; over 10,000 illustrations, including photographs, drawings, maps, and flags; and more than 75,000 definitions -- including pronunciation guides and word histories -- from Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary.

Brill's Encyclopedia of China

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Brill's Encyclopedia of China scholars and students find sound, in-depth information on China from its early beginnings up to today, with a clear focus on the modern period from the mid-nineteenth century to the 21st century. The encyclopedia is the result of an international academic effort, and covers the history, geography, society, economy, politics, science, and culture of China.

Brepolis Medieval Studies

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Brepolis is a comprehensive index for Medieval Studies. The online database comprises over 300,000 records. All subjects relating to the Middle Ages are included, within the date range 400-1500 AD. Geographical areas covered are Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

Books in Print (Global)

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Global Books in Print contains bibliographic information from the top six English language book databases for books currently in print. Includes English language titles in print from the US, the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Asia and the Oceanic states. It may be searched by author, title, subject, publisher, publication year or ISBN.

Book Review Index

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A comprehensive source for book reviews that electronically indexes reviews from 1965 to the present.

Book Review Digest

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Indexes and abstracts reviews of English language adult and juvenile fiction and non-fiction titles. Reviews are selected from journals in the humanities, sciences, social sciences and library review media.

Book Index with Reviews

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Book Index with Reviews (BIR) is a comprehensive database that provides information on over 3.8 million book titles in a wide range of formats, including large print, books on tape, etc. The full-text reviews, combined with the product's subject headings and flexible search engine, connect users to popular titles that are currently available, along with those that will soon be published.

Black Women Writers

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Black Women Writers will contain approximately 100,000 pages of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry by women from North America, Africa and the Caribbean. It will also present essays by scholars and feminists about the history of feminism and genre studies in these regions.

Black Women in America

Black Thought and Culture

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Covering 1,200 non-fiction published works of leading African Americans. The material is fully described and organized so that the user can browse and search by a variety of subjects.


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