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ClusterMed is a tool that helps one easily navigate PubMed's extensive inventory of medical research articles by organizing the search results into categories. PubMed is the USA National Library of Medicine's search service that searches MEDLINE and other databases at the National Institutes of Health.

Music Online: Classical Music Library

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Classical Music Library is a multi-label database centered around over 50,000 Classical music recordings. A reference section yields biographies and images of compsers, themed playlists, a glossary of musical terms, and a historical guide. Users can create playlists and purchase downloads of some materials. Educators have options to create tests and further organize material for use in coursework.


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The CINAHL database covers nearly 1000 English-language nursing and allied health journals. It also includes references to book chapters, pamphlets, audiovisual materials, software, dissertations, standards of professional practice and nurse practice acts.

Chronicle of Higher Education

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The Chronicle of Higher Education is the No. 1 source of news, information, and jobs for college and university faculty members and administrators.

Choice Reviews

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Choice Reviews Online is the internet version of the monthly print magazine, Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries. Choice is directed toward academic librarians and faculty as a resource for collection development and scholarly research. It covers more than 50 sub-disciplines spanning the humanities, science and technology, and the social and behavioral sciences.

Chinese Filmscript and Advertisement Collection 1946-1985

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Scripts of documentary films and newsreels from the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976), from the collections of Duke University Library.

Chinamaxx Digital Libraries

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This Chinese language interface provides full text access to Chinese e-books.

China Infobank

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A web-based online service on China's news, business, legal and statistical information.

China Data Online

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The China Data Center at the University of Michigan is a national center designed to advance the study and understanding of China. Included are national, regional, and local, as well as economic, social, and historical statistics, in addition to census data.

China Academic Journals

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