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I remember all the nights spent in Hillman studying for exams or writing papers and having to wait in line to sign out a laptop and hope there was one to sign out!


One of my favorite memories was creating an exhibit on K. Leroy Irvis. We did this as part of a preservation course, and we then installed it in Hillman.


As an undergraduate student at Carlow University, I would take the bus down the street and use Hillman for my research because it was so much better than our institution. Being there and interacting with the librarians inspired me to go to Pitt for my masters in library and information science. I'm now an academic librarian at the college level.


While I didn't meet my spouse at Hillman, we spent many hours there in quiet together working on homework or studying. We would spend a lot of time together at Hillman before we started dating, when we were just getting to know each other. I would say Hillman was a great excuse to invite her to hang out. She would say, my invitations helped her get her best GPA of her final semester senior year. We've made many memories there together and Hillman is one of the reasons why our relationship blossomed.


Lending out CDs at Stark listening Lab. Finding old Sam Cooke CDs there.


The Black Lives Matter protest where folks stood up on tables to disrupt for justice.


Many of my good friends who encouraged me to be the best I can were found at Hillman Library.


Hillman was my home away from home. I spent countless nights studying alone in the cubicles, preparing for my MCAT in the fourth floor window desks, collaborating with peers in the second floor technology rooms, and, more often than I probably should have, bonding with my best friends. Hillman was such an integral part of my college career that my roommates and I even staged graduation photos there!


Worked from 67-70 as work study in the cataloging section. Participated in the move to Hillman from the Cathedral.Lots of work and lots of boxes but it all came together.Moved up to Reserve Book Room when I worked full time. Called in a book to Reserves from Dr. Posvar's office. It was needed for a course so why not. Caused the head librarian some worry. But he did return it timely for the students that semester. My husband, John, worked there part time one summer break and our son Steve worked at Hillman when he was a student there.


I met my future husband at Hillman Library in September of 1999. It was a few weeks into my freshman year and he was a junior. Nearly 18 years later, we are happily married and have a wonderful life together in Colorado with our two young sons. Hillman will always have a very special place in our hearts, as it is where our family began.


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