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During a shift in the 306 stacks, the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team won the world series, and then this happened in Hillman


Hillman Library was relatively new when I attended the University of Pittsburgh. As a freshman I was amazed by the sheer size of the study areas and the various options for studying - desk, comfortable chair, table. Back then the 1st floor might have been the place where a few students actually studied, but it was really the place to go in the evening to meet people and socialize with friends - quietly of course. It was one the many places on campus that I enjoyed.


I studied Social Work at Pitt where I earned my Bachelors and Masters degrees. That require 100s maybe even 1,000s of hers studying in the Hillman. I used the computers to write many papers and met students there who have become life long friends. The Hillman will always have a special place in my heart. Couldn't have earned my degrees without the Hillman and the Cathedral of Learning.


Hillman Library brings back many wonderful memories of my time at Pitt! My friends and I practically lived in the large reading room on the first floor; and during finals we managed squeeze in naps during our all-nighters.


I had spent the previous two years in my home town of Bradford PA attending the University of Pittsburgh. In 1975 I experienced my first extended period of time away from home as a Liberal Studies major at the Pitt main campus. Although I have always loved being around people my shyness kept me from spending much time socializing during my Junior and Senior years at Pitt. I loved spending time in the Cathedral of Learning but we must remember, this was before the internet and I needed books to do my research. The Hillman Library was where the books were.


A medical student, I arrived to Ruskin Hall in August, 1974, and it wasn't long before I formed a habit of carrying my armload of books the few long empty blocks to Hillman Library where I could study comfortably in the bright modern atmosphere enhanced with artworks, a Joan Mitchell I particularly remember.


Every Sunday through the school year, I would drive and pick up my fiancee, stop for lunch, then head to Hillman Library where I would study until Hillman closed. My fiancee was involved in teaching CCD and would work on lesson plans or simply read one of the books at Hillman. Being an engineering student I was in class 40 hours a week and since I paid my own way through Pitt would work after class. Sundays was my day to study and having my fiancee there with me helped me concentrate and get done what needed to be done. Couldn't have done it without her help.


As a native Pittsburgher, my memories of Hillman actually stretch back to my high school years in Oakland, when I regularly used the library both for onsite research and lending---my older cousin was studying at Pitt and used to let me use his ID back in the days when they had no photos.


I worked in the Pitt library system back in the late 80's. I have great memories of coworkers and students. I often wonder where some of them are now. Maybe you guys could start a page online for people from the past to check in. Personally, I would love that.


I was a work study student worker at Hillman Library from 77-80, I got my start on the 3rd floor shelving books that traveled up from the ground floor on trolleys in a special dumb waiter type elevator. I challenged myself to continually break my record for ACCURATELY reshelving an entire cart of books. There was a woman named Mary who was a sweetheart of a taskmaster who oversaw the shelfers. My least favorite job, adding cards to the hundreds of drawers in the card catalogs. The pay $3.10 per hour.


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