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Hillman Library Reinvention

We are excited to announce that a project to renovate and reinvent Hillman Library is now moving forward!


The vision:

Hillman Library will be the principal hub of intellectual activity on campus providing services, resources, and inspiring spaces—from vibrant to serene—that advance academic study, stimulate innovation in knowledge creation, encourage intellectual exploration and creativity, and foster energetic, collaborative exchange.


The basics:

  • Because of the essential role it plays on campus Hillman will remain open for the duration of the renovation and, because of this, the renovation will take longer than it otherwise might. Currently, a target of five years is in place.


  • During the renovation, all library collections will remain accessible, whether relocated within Hillman Library or via the library off-site storage facility, and all library services will continue.


  • Preparation work for the renovation has begun so you can expect to see an increase in activity in the building along with some changes and relocations of collections and services as we lay the groundwork for the renovation.


  • While some disruption is inevitable, we remain committed to providing the support at levels you have come to expect from the ULS.


Collection movement:

In preparation for the renovation library collections in Hillman need to be either shifted within the building or moved to the Library Storage Facility. Items in this facility can be requested and will be delivered to campus.


The work of moving collections began with the 4th floor, and is continuing with the remaining floors.


What's going where?


4th Floor 


The 4th floor PhD dissertation carrels have been relocated to the ground floor.  We have made efforts to relocate other seating, study spaces and services to alternative areas of Hillman and elsewhere on campus.


General Collection, call numbers A – Z:

To storage:


  • Books published on or before 2010 which have never circulated
  • Books published on or before 2005 that have not circulated since 2005
  • Books published on or before 2005 that have circulated two or less times


Remaining Ps to Hillman Library Ground Floor Compact Shelving

Remaining Qs-Zs: To Engineering Library, Lower Level


4th Floor Print Journals:

2011-present to 2nd Floor, Hillman Library

Print journals prior to 2011 from the 4th floor will go to Storage except for some browsing titles for which full runs will remain.


2nd Floor East Asian Library:

Approximately 50% of materials to Storage. For more information contact Haihui Zhang (,  Tianni Wang (, or for questions about Japanese materials Hiro Good (


Ground Floor:

To storage:

  • Government documents (minus Census materials which are staying in the Ground Floor Compact Shelving) 
  • Print journals (pre-1970) except for the browsing journals  listed above
  • Maps and map cases
  • Microfilm and microfiche