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I have 2 stories.
1. I was the girl reading a book leaning on a stack in the original Hillman Library brochure. Someone came around one day while I was studying and asked to take my picture for the brochure and she used one of them! I loved studying in a top floor cubical so I could look out the window was so quiet with no distractions....except...
2. OK...this is an unusual one...not exactly education-related... In 1970, from the top floor of the library, during Spring semester, we could see into Forbes Field and watch the Pirates...Clemente, Stargell, etc. Many of us would crowd around the best viewing area during the first 7 innings of the game. We couldn't cheer loudly, of course...we would raise our hands, jump up and down, and giggle, trying to keep quiet...after all it was the library! If it was a close game, we would run down to Forbes Field and see the end of the game live from inside the stadium, because after the 7th inning, in those days, we could get in for free! I made lots of friends during these times and it was a blast...and a great way to spend an evening to relax and get away from the pressure of classes!
Thank you for the opportunity to share these 2 special stories!

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