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I'll never forget staying in the library for about 24 hours one semester. I had a 10 page research paper due the next day and I of course hadn't started it. We were only allowed to use books from the library - no internet sources allowed! I camped out in front of a computer on floor 3 I think. I gathered all the books that I needed and started typing away. I only braked for more coffee and snacks on the ground floor - absolute life savers each finals week!

Around 3 am, I must have finally fallen asleep. I continued writing my paper in my dream and was started awake a few hours later. I looked up to see I was on page 12! I was finished! Alas, it wasn't to be. I have 5 pages of the letter N. It was 6 am and my paper was due by 8 am. I ran downstairs for my 6th or 7th cup of coffee, grabbed a doughnut and raced to finish by the due date. My fingers flew over the keyboard and my eyes scanned the pages as quickly as I could. I finished the paper (with citations!) and turned it in with 5 minutes to spare. I returned all the books, gathered my stuff, and rode the bus home, vowing to never procrastinate again. I did not fulfill that vow. I spent several more nights in Hillman during finals week, downing multiple cups of coffee and crawling under the desks for short cat naps. Happy birthday, you beautiful library!

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