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Currently all ULS libraries are closed, but if you have questions, please contact Ask Us or check our Library Collections & Services: Updates for Summer 2020 page for ways we can still help!

Libraries Collections Storage Unit

  • 16,600 square foot unit 
  • High-density, environmentally controlled, retrievable storage area for books and journals that are sorted by size
  • Stored in acid-free cardboard trays
  • Twenty ranges of racks 30 feet high, with approximately 7,000 shelves, can store an estimated 2.7 million volumes
  • A hydraulic lift retrieves volumes and replaces them on the highest shelves


Requesting Materials From Storage

  • Items in storage appear in PittCat+ with Library Collections Storage Unit as the location
  • University of Pittsburgh Students, faculty, staff and special borrowers can obtain stored material by submitting a request through PittCat+
  • Instructions on getting things from storage
  • Non-Pitt patrons without a ULS Special Borrower card may request to view storage materials by emailing us with your request.  Please note: requests for materials may take 3-4 business days and are limited to 5 items.


  • Books and other materials requested from storage can be delivered to any University of Pittsburgh library
  • Deliveries are made daily, except on weekends or holidays
  • Journal articles will be made available in PDF format and emailed

For information, or to visit the facility, contact the Library Collections Storage Unit staff at 412-648-5424


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