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I spent two years, plus in the Hillman Library on Algebra studies. My professor at the time Dr. Michael did not give up on me in all those years. What should have taken me have the time to complete took me twice as long. I will be eternally grateful to her, and to Pitt for providing a place to go to study and to learn@Hillman Library. I later found out that my iron was very low, and that is why I struggled as much as I did with completing this portion of my degree. I would encourage any student who is struggling with completing to seek medical advise, in addition to tutors, which are all there to help. Thank you for the opportunity to tell my story, briefly and for allowing me to reflect on a difficult time in my life, which has made me more aware of how education and health go hand-in-hand. Winning a $25 Gift Card would be awesome. Thanks again, and Hail To Pitt!
From "One Proud Graduate 2009"
Kimberly A. Goller

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