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The Library was the central point of my Pitt experience. It had many great areas to work. Whether it was writing Philosophy papers, studying for big exams or just a quite place to unwind the library could accommodate. It was also place where relationships started or ended which happened to me over the years. Even in medical school it was a great place to study as it was far from your peers so one could concentrate without distraction. I lived off campus so it also was great as meeting place or just a spot to hide from roommates. The view of the Cathedral was also inspirational on the Forbes Avenue side of the building. This gave me strength during some rough times along the way. When my daughter decided to go to Pitt , Julia Costello '10 Business, I took her to the library to show her where her Dad spent most of his college years serious study and reflection time. Hope for 50 more years at least for our great library and now information center piece.

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Costello Jr
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1981 BS and 1985 MD