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The Hillman Library is the reason I was able to earn my Bachelors and Masters degrees in the field of Social Work. I used to be told that education is power and I found that out first hand. I probably spent 30-40 hours a week studying at Hillman because I needed more time than most people to get the same amount of work done. The fact is I have a learning disability and was an average student at best. I dropped out of High School and barely passed my GED. While students I studied with could grab a stack of books and go to the computers and get their 10-20 page assignment done in a few days, I would have to use an entire table in the Hillman Library with ten books open and a notebook over a three or four week period to complete the same assignment. The staff there was so helpful in my efforts to find the books and journals needed until I was a seasoned student and able to do it myself. I'd like to thank them and those who worked in the computer department for their assistance because I needed it, I met my wife on eharmon years later and found that she was likely to have waited on me at Hillman where she worked during the same time period. I have gone from being disabled, alone and living on a fixed income and barely getting by to a happily married man who is a homeowner and a tax paying citizen for the last 19 years. I will always be grateful to the Hillman Library for the part they have played in my development as a student and a professional. Congratulations of 50 years of your services to the University of Pittsburgh's students.

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