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Hanley Library Facts & Figures

PittCat+ -- Pitt's electronic catalog, contains records of all material in all the libraries within the Pitt system.

Library Staff -- 3 faculty librarians, 4 full-time staff, 2 part-time staff, and student assistants

Memorial Donations -- are received through the Robert C. Laing 19th Century British Literature Fund, the Donald E. Swarts Fund for contemporary authors, and the General Fund for reference collection materials, resources to support the curriculum and local historical and genealogical materials.

Library Instruction -- Hanley librarians conduct instructional sessions for students in English Composition classes and various subject areas throughout the year.

Friends -- The Friends of Hanley Library was organized in 1990 for the purpose of encouraging and strengthening a positive relationship with the local community. The Friends Board of Directors sponsors free cultural and educational programs for members and friends.

Art -- Many of the art works in the library were donated by Tullah Hanley. There is also a bronze statue by David Hodges, framed photographs by W. Forres Stewart, and other works by local and student artists. Tours --

Tours of the library and instruction sessions are available upon request.

There are many free student resources on the second floor of the Hanley Library including:

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