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Faculty Focus: News From the Library

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Welcome to Faculty Focus -- with library news just for faculty

In order to keep our faculty aware of our library resources, we've created a new communication channel where we’ll highlight what's new with us. You can subscribe to our "Faculty Focus: News from the Library" via RSS. You can also find it on our website.

How to sign up with RSS:

  1. Sign up with a RSS feeder -- for more info, check out our subject guide about them:
  2. Click on the orange RSS icon  at the bottom of the page you’re interested in following. (note: you can subscribe to the Fauculty Focus front page for all posts or to one of the tag pages for updates in that area only)
  3. Copy the URL of the resulting page
  4. Create a new feed in your reader and enter the URL
  5. Your reader will now show you when new posts are added

On a regular basis, we’ll share some of the collaborative events, exhibits, and learning activities that are taking place between some faculty and the library, in addition to library services and specific library resources.