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Faculty Focus: News From the Library

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Hillman Renovation Project

We are excited to announce that a project to renovate and reinvent Hillman Library is now moving forward. To keep you updated, we have created a webpage on the library website to keep you updated on our progress. 

The Basics:

  • Because of the essential role it plays on campus Hillman will remain open for the duration of the renovation and, because of this, the renovation will take longer than it otherwise might. Currently, a target of five years is in place.
  • During the renovation, all library collections will remain accessible, whether relocated within Hillman Library or via the library off-site storage facility, and all library services will continue.
  • Preparation work for the renovation has begun so you can expect to see an increase in activity in the building along with some changes and relocations of collections and services as we lay the groundwork for the renovation. While some disruption is inevitable, we remain committed to providing the support at levels you have come to expect from the ULS.

Adding your voice:

  • The University has retained an external consultant with expertise in academic library space use and design who will be charged with facilitating faculty and student engagement, and giving the university community opportunities to provide input on this process. We will widely publicize these opportunities for you to contribute so stay tuned.
  • In addition, an advisory group consisting of library employees, Pitt faculty, representatives from various Pitt student groups, and architects has been charged with making recommendations to the Executive Vice Provost on various programmatic changes. Collection movement: In preparation for the renovation library collections in Hillman need to be either shifted within the building or moved to the Library Storage Facility. Items in this facility can be requested and will be delivered to campus.