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Mitsui Collection


The valuable Mitsui Collection was donated by the Institute for Financial and Economic Research (金融経済研究所= 金研:Kinken) of the former Mitsui Bank. The Collection contains over 64,000 volumes of books and journals - 33,498 of Japanese imprints (5,712 published before the end of World War II, and 27,786 are published afterward), 10,701 of Western languages imprints, 20,000 Japanese and Western languages journals.  The last published works date from 1990.

The Japanese language books fall into the following categories: economic history (2,187 volumes of which 292 volumes are before the end of World War II), economic theory, economic policy, international economics, money and finance, fiscal policy, industry, management, labor and social problems, statistical yearbooks, company and local histories, and biographies.  The collection includes 2,276 volumes of company history (of which 100 volumes are before the end of World War II).  It makes Pitt one of the top five university libraries in North America to hold many company history books. The English language books cover similar subjects, but among them one finds books on the economic policy and history of countries other than Japan, especially Great Britain, Germany, Russia, and the United States.  This part of the collection includes 344 company histories and 147 biographies. There are also 225 books in Russian.

Location and Access

The collection is currently housed at the Library Resource Facility at 7500 Thomas Boulevard. It is arranged on the 4th floor at Thomas Boulevard in the order in which it was arranged by the Research library. The bibliographic information of some titles is available on PittCat.  For those titles that have not been cataloged, the University Library System has set up three ways to access and retrieve them: by card catalogues, by bibliographies of Pre-WWII Books, and by onsite browsing.

1. Mitsui Card Catalogues

Basic bibliographic information about books and journal titles are available on card catalogues. Grey steel cabinets of the card catalogues are located between Chinese books shelves at the East Asian Library. Users may use the card catalogues any time when Hillman Library is open. To request the actual materials, users need to fill in the Request Form and give to a staff in EAL office 207. You will be notified when the materials are ready to pick up. Please click here for more detailed instruction how to use card catalogues for books, and click here for information on journals.

2. Bibliographies of Pre-WWII Books

Bibliographies of Pre-WWII books are available online and print (EA REF Z7165.J3 K56 1998 3 vols.) for browse. To request the actual materials, please follow same procedure as Card catalogues.

3.On-site Browsing

Onsite browsing will only be granted to serious researchers who demonstrate a need to browse the material at the Library Resource Facility. For more information about onsite browsing and any other questions, please contact Hiroyuki N. Good, Japanese Studies Librarian, at, or visit the EAL office (207 Hillman).

Norio Tamaki Grants Available to use the Mitsui Collection Onsite - $750 each

To encourage use of the Mitsui Collection, the University’s Asian Studies Center has established two annual “Norio Tamaki Grants” of $750 each to help defray the expenses for those visiting the University to use the collection.

To apply for the awards, contact Dr. Brenda Jordan of the Asian Studies Center at 4400 W. W. Posvar Hall, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 15260, 412-648-7763,

Lists of Pre-war Book Titles (PDF)

The lists below are organized under the original subject classifications used by the Institute for Financial and Economic Research (金融経済研究所) of the former Mitsui Bank.