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The Digital Stewardship Lab, located in the Digital Scholarship Commons in Hillman Library, is a centrally located front end to the ULS’s  Digitization Services.

When open, the lab is staffed by a scanning technician who can assist with specialized digitization, including walk-up requests, for members of the Pitt community. There are also two self-service scanners just outside the lab office that are available for use whenever Hillman Library is open.

The lab contains one i2s DigiBook SupraScan A1 planetary (overhead camera) scanner, which can create high-quality scans of bound or oversize objects, up to 600ppi and 23 by 33 inches. Best for oversize paper materials, creates high quality color images that can be delivered in a vairty of formats including jpeg, tiff, and searchable pdfs.

The HP 3-D scanner is capable of creating high quality three dimensional scanned images. 3-D scans can be used to create objects with a 3-D printer.