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Good news!

It’s reliable! D-Scribe’s collections, journals, and archives feature research from the library’s historical and archival collections, plus works by Pitt and international scholars.It’s free! Thanks to Open Access, most of these items are free to use by everyone, both at Pitt and worldwide.

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Put your research in D-Scholarship@Pitt

  • For Pitt students, staff, and faculty
  • Upload articles, reports, presentations, audio, and video
  • Provide a permanent, long-term home for your scholarship
  • Here’s how to get started

Start a new online scholarly journal

  • For Pitt students and faculty
  • Also for scholars worldwide
  • Create a new online journal
  • Turn a print journal into an online one

Create an online collection

  • For Pitt faculty and scholars
  • Support your research and teaching

Create an online archive

  • For Pitt faculty
  • Also for scholars worldwide
  • Easily share scholarship worldwide
  • Make it easy to find
  • Great for sharing “grey literature”
  • Permanent, reliable storage

Publishing services we provide

  • Hardware and software hosting
  • Graphic design
  • Scanning and digitization
  • Consultation in editorial workflow management
  • Training for editors, reviewers, etc.
  • ISSN, DOI (Digital Object Identifier) registration
  • Help with acceptance and recognition of what you publish
  • Advice on Open Access & online publishing to help you share your research with a worldwide audience

Have something else in mind?If you have an idea for a new online collection, journal, or project, tell us about it!