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Some years ago, I worked in Hillman Library as an undergraduate student. At Hillman Library, I met other library staff who were working towards their Master of Library and Information Science degrees. Learning about library school while "on the job" literally changed my life. I decided to go to library school at the University of Pittsburgh, in part, based on my experiences working in Hillman Library. All these years later, I still keep in touch with some of the people I worked with at Hillman Library. For those of us who worked at Hillman, this is nothing unusual. For the uninitiated, the Hillman Library parts in Michael Chabon's the Mysteries of Pittsburgh have an eerie resonance for those of us who were there. Bottom Line: It's a world-class library at a world-class school with its fair share of eccentric library staff.

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2003 CBA and 2005 SIS