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China statistical yearbooks database

Connect to the database (for English interface) ; Chinese title is Zhongguo jing ji she hui fa zhan tong ji shu ju ku.

Connect to the database (For Chinese interface)

CSYD is the largest and continuously updated statistical yearbooks database in China, including all aspects and fields, such as national accounting, fixed assets investment, population and human resources, people’s living conditions and price indices, enterprises and institutions, finance, natural resources, energy and environment, political and public administration, peasants & agriculture & rural area, industry, construction, transportation and telecommunication, domestic trade and foreign trade, touring catering, education and technology, culture and sports, public health, etc. Resources are from the yearbooks published by China Statistics Press and edited by China Statistics Yearbooks Editorial Board, season monthly data published by national and provincial department of statistics and country/region development statistical data published by main international institutions. Meanwhile, it provides original data and Excel format data, and platform of index data analysis. Year coverage: 1949 onward.