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I worked at Hillman for a little over two years during my time at Pitt. I have so many memories with my co-workers, some of whom became lifelong friends. As crazy as this sounds, I really enjoyed working during finals week. And here is why:

As a front desk worker, I got to know quite a few people who were regulars. It was nice seeing familiar faces every few weeks and talking about projects and such. However, once finals week came it seemed like the rest of campus just came out of hiding and crammed in a semester's full of work in a week or two. As frustrated as I would be about losing my study time (yes, I studied while having down time), I thoroughly enjoyed watching students lose their minds as they waited in line for a reserved book or just made Hillman their permanent home for two weeks. Sometimes I would feel bad for the students, but at the same time it was a lesson that I took into the work world: manage your time accordingly!

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