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About the Open Access Author Fees Fund

Please note: Open Access Author Fee Fund is exhausted for the current fiscal year the fund is expected to re-open at the beginning of FY20 (July 2019) An update will be posted as soon after July 1st as possible. To check on the status of the fund, contact for details


The University Library System, University of Pittsburgh (ULS) will provide funds for the payment of article processing fees for articles authored or coauthored by the faculty, staff, postdoctoral associates, and students served by the ULS and the Barco Law Library who publish in eligible Open Access journals as part of the Compact for Open-Access Publishing Equity (COPE).

The Compact for Open-Access Publishing Equity is a group of participating institutions committed to supporting Open Access by underwriting publication charges for those individuals at their institution who publish articles in fee-based Open Access journals.

To learn more about this program and to see whether you are eligible for funding, see the Author Fee Fund Policy Guidelines. To apply for funding, complete the online application form. Still have questions? See the FAQ or contact us at

The COPE press release announcing the University Library System, University of Pittsburgh as a signatory can be found here.