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Stark Media Services: Reservation Form

Allow 2 weeks for processing

Stark Media Services Center reservation forms must be filled out completely. Your can either use this online version of the form, or you can print it out and drop it off at the Media Services Center or submit it via fax (412-648-7733 or campus mail (Stark Media Services Center, G-20 Hillman Library). Copies of the form are also available at the Media Services Center.
If you are checking items out from the Media Services Center, please indicate the dates you would like to pick-up and return your materials. Faculty can check materials out for up to a week at a time, TAs and TFs who are teaching during the current term can check materials out for up to three days at a time.

For items that belong to the instructor:
Please contact Katie Berry (, 412-648-7732) with questions about placing your personal copies of films, videos, and DVDs on reserve at the Media Services Center.
Please contact Mihnea Vasilescu (, 412-648-5930) with questions about purchasing films, videos, and DVDs not currently in the library's collection.

Guidelines for film reserves