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Putting Audio & Video on Reserve

General Guidelines for All Types of Reserves 

  • To have your class reserve items available by the first day of the term, we need to have the list at least one month before the semester starts
  • Please fill out the form(s) completely. No more than 60 items (total) can be placed on reserve for one course
  • Reserve lists won’t appear in PITTCat until the first day of the term
  • For more information on the University's guidelines concerning photocopy reserve and copyright compliance, see pp. 1-4 of the University of Pittsburgh Policy #10-04-01

iTunes U (audio) Reserves

  • Audio materials can be placed on reserve via iTunes U
  • Please see our Audio Streaming Policy for details on what you can place on audio reserve
  • You must complete the audio streaming form
  • Reserves staff will get items owned by the library
  • Personal copies submitted must be original and owned by you. These can be dropped off at Hillman and will be digitized by staff.  We will return items when the list is completed
  • When the reserves are ready, you will be notified and will be provided with instructions for accessing iTunes U

Media (film / DVD) Reserves

Request that a film be placed on reserve for students in your class to view in the Stark Media Services, located on the Ground Floor of Hillman Library, or check out a film to show in a class.