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MEDEA by Euripides. Translation by Ian Johnston, Malaspina University – College Nanaimo, BC, Canada. Choral ode text by Steven Schrum. Original music composed by Jade Shames except choral odes music by Amie Millward. University Theater Dept. Production [University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Theatre Company. Mar. 23-25, 2006. See also: UPG RG52 Ser.: UPG Theater Dept. Productions. 2006, Mar. 23-25 MEDEA.

IMMACULATE MISCONCEPTIONS. A Monologue Performance by Stephen A. Schrum, Special Musical Guest Jeremy dePrisco. June 16 and 17, 2006, 8 p.m., Ferguson Theater, UPG Campus. [See: RG61 for CD “Immaculate Misconceptions music by Jeremy dePrisco from the play by Stephen Schrum.” Blue Buddah Records BLBU5 c2006 Jeremy dePrisco. See also: RG51 Biographical Files—Schrum, Dr. Stephen A. and dePrisco, Jeremy] See also: UPG RG52 Ser.: UPG Theater Productions. 2006/07 Season. IMMACULATE MISCONCEPTIONS.


Arthur St. Clair Lecture Series [St. Clair Lecture Series]


2006, Oct. 11 (7th)
Tokar, Dr. Franklin K.
”A Magnet for Good Architecture: The Laurel Hill Highlands from Mason House to Fallingwater and Beyond.” 7th annual Arthur St. Clair Lectureship, Oct. 11, 2006, Ferguson Theater. Dr. Franklin K. Tokar is a professor in the History of Art and Architecture Department at the University of Pittsburgh, Oakland Campus. See also: RG52 Subject Files. Ser.: [Arthur] St. Clair Lectureship.


2007, Oct. 10 (8th)

Mosher, Dr. Anne

"Westmoreland's Downtown Heritage, From the Gilded Age to the Disney Era." 8th annual St. Clair Lectureship, October 10, 2007, Ferguson theater. Dr. Anne Mosher, Professor of Geography, Syracuse University. See also: RG52 Subject Files. Ser.: [Arthur] St. Clair Lectureship.


2010, Oct. 6 (11th)

Cannadine, Sir David

"Andrew W. Mellon: Making Money & Giving It Away." 11th Annual St. Clair Lectureship, October 6, 2010. Ferguson Theater. Sir David Cannadine, British scholar, historian and author of MELLON: AN AMERICAN LIFE. See also:  RG52 Subject Files, Ser.: [Arthur St. Clair Lectureship.


2011, Oct. 12 (12th)

Nasaw, David, PhD

"Making Sense of Making Millions". 12th Annual Arthur St. Clair Lectureship, October 12, 2011, Ferguson Theater. David Nasaw, PhD, author of the Pulitzer Prize for Biography finalist ANDREW CARNEGIE and a distinguished professor of American History at Graduate Center of the City University of New York and director for the Humanities at the City University of New York. See also: RG52 Subject Files. Ser.: [Arthur] St. Clair Lectureship.


13, Oct. 10, 2012

"Remembering the Battle of Bushy Run; Decisive Victory of Minor Skirmish" with Frank A. Cassell, PhD, 13th Annual St. Clair Lecture, Oct. 10, 2012. DVD 1 hr 30 min.

Greensburg American Opera Company (Christina Farrell, Found Director) Presents THE TELEPHONE by Gian Carlo Menotti & THE IMPRESSARIO by W. A. Mozart. Stage Direction by Dr. Stephen A. Schrum, Musical Direction by Maestro Efrain Amaya. February 2-4, 2007 in the Pitt-Greensburg Ferguson Theater. See also: UPG Theater Dept. Productions. 2006/07 Season. Greensburg American Opera Co.

DVD 5A (Act 1), DVD 5B (Act 2)
by Bertolt Brecht and featuring original music composed for the show by Pitt @ Greensburg students Ashley Peer, Chad Smith and Eric Durant. Pitt-Greensburg Theatre Company, Spring, 2007 [Mar. 29-31, 2007]


VD 6
La Cultura Lecture Series.

2007. “Visions of China”: DVD6.A.1, Jan. 22, 2007, Dr. Monte Broaded, Director of International Programs at Butler University, “Does a Rising Tide Lift All Boats? Economic Growth and Inequality in China”; DVD6.A.2, Feb. 12, 2007, Poet Huang Xiang of the North Side of Pittsburgh, “A Beast Drinking Wildly But Not Drunk”.

2008. “Egypt: Crossroads of Civilization”: DVD6.B.1, Sept. 28, 2007, Dr. Christina Michelmore, Chatham Univ., “A Historical Overview – Yesterday and Today.”; DVD 6.B.2, Jan. 17, 2008, Khawala Kittaneh, Indiana University of Pa., "Explore Islam: An introduction to the basic teachings and how these teachings promote peace and respect for other religions and sacredness of human life".

N.B. For video cassettes of La Cultura Lecture Series for 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, See: RG60 VC VIII.15-18.

University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Commencement

2007 (DVD 7.1)

2008 (DVD 7.2)

2009 (DVD 7.3)

2010 (DVD 7.4)

2011 (DVD 7.5)

2012 (DVD 7.6)

n.b.: For videocassettes of Commencements 1990-2006, See: RG60 VC V.1-15, 17.

Mary Lou Campana Chapel [and Lecture Center] Dedication Ceremony. Tuesday, November 13, 2007. See also: RG52 Ser.: Buildings—Mary Lou Campana Chapel and Lecture Center. See also: RG52 Ser.: Programs (Dedication)—Mary Lou Campana Chapel and Lecture Center.

DVD 9A (Act 1), DVD9B (Act 2)
THE HOUSE OF BLUE LEAVES by John Guare. Music and Lyrics by John Guare, Directed by Stephen A. Schrum. Presented by The Pitt-Greensburg Theatre Company. Nov. 15-17, 2007. UPG Ferguson Theater. See also: UPG Theater Dept. Productions. 2007/08 The HOUSE OF BLUE LEAVES.

DVD 10A, DVD 10B

THE MISER by Moliere. Pitt-Greensburg Theatre Company. April 3-5, 2008, UPG Ferguson Theater. See also: UPG Archives RG52 Ser.: UPG Theater Dept. Productions. Season 2007/2008. THE MISER.


AN EVENING OF ONE ACTS (LIFE LINE by Douglas Craven; HARD CANDY by Jonathan Rand; ACTOR'S NIGHTMARE by Christopher Durang; 4:48 PSYCHOSIS by Sarah Kane. Nov. 20-22, 2008, UPG Ferguson Theater. See also: UPG Archives RG52 Ser.: UPG Theater Dept. Productions. Season 2008/2009, AN EVENING OF ONE ACTS.

DVD 12A, DVD 12B

WONDER OF THE WORLD by David Lindsay-Abaire, Pitt-Greensburg Theatre Company, April 2-4, 2009, Ferguson Theater. See also: UPG Archives RG52 Ser.: UPG Theater Dept. Productions. Season 2008/09, WONDER OF THE WORLD.

DVD 13

THE DUCHESS OF MALFI by John Webster. The Pitt Greensburg Theatre Company. Nov. 19-21, 2009, Ferguson Theater. See also: UPG Archives RG 52 Ser.: UPG Theater Dept. Productions. Season 2009/2010, THE DUCHESS OF MALFI.

DVD 14A, DVD 14B (Act 2) [Warning: the disc 2 menus are not correct]

URINETOWN, THE MUSICAL. Music by Mark Hollman, Lyrics by Mark Hollman & Greg Kotis, Book by Greg Kotis. Pitt-Greensburg Theatre Company, March 24-27, 2010. Ferguson Theater. See also: UPG Archives RG52 Ser: UPG Theater Dept. Productions. Season 2009/2010. URINETOWN, THE MUSICAL.


PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM by Woody Allen. The Pitt-Greensburg Theatre Co., November 18-20, 2010, Ferguson Theater. See also: UPG Archives RG52 Ser.: UPG Theater Dept. Productions, Season 2010/2011, PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM.


YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU, Kaufman & Hart. Pitt-Greensburg Theatre Company, Spring 2011 [April 1-2, 2011]. See also: UPG Archives RG52 Ser.: UPG Theater Dept. Productions, Season 2010/2011, YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU.


Cobetto Lecture Series [Dr. Bernard H. Cobetto Lecture Series on Ethics]

2009 (4th) Dr. Barbara M. Porco, "Ethical Leadership: The Tipping Point in a Financial Crisis."

2011 (6th) Dr. Bernard Duberstein, "Leadership Lessons from the Oval Office and the Board Room".

2012 (7th) Dr. John E. Abraham, "Madmen, Educats, and Demagogues: Confessions of a Recovering Politician."


FALL ONE ACTS: THIRST by Eugene O'Neill; THE SPURT OF BLOOD by Antonin Artaud. Directed by Elliot Sheedy. Free Admission. 7:30 p.m. Oct. 13th and 14th, Ferguson Theater; Oct. 15th, West 2nd Street Gallery. A Performing Arts Society Production sponsored by SGA.

DVD 19

BROADWAY BATTLES BREAST CANCER. A Benefit Concert for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Friday, Oct. 28, [2011]. 7:30 p.m. UPG Campana Chapel, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. Sponsored by Performing Arts Society. (See also: UPG Archives RG52 Subject Files. Ser.: Programs (Miscellaneous). Broadway Battles Breast Cancer).

DVD 20

HIPPOLYTUS Euripides. Pitt-Greensburg Theatre Company. November 2011. [November 17-20]. See also: UPG Archives RG52 Ser.: Theater Dept. Productions. Season 2011/12. HIPPOLYTUS.

DVD 21A, 21B

DOG ASSASSIN. The World Premier of a New Musical. Book & Lyrics by Stephen Schrum. Music by Jeremy DePrisco. Ferguson Theater. March 24-26, 2012. [Act 1, DVD 21A; Act 2, DVD 21B]

DVD 22

PROMETHUS BOUND BY Aeschylus. [A blended reality event performed in the online 3D world of Second Life. UPG Ferguson theater, Dec. 1-2, 2011/] [See also: RG52 UPG Theater Dept. Productions. Season 2011/12 for additional information.]

DVD [DVD+R] 23

Retrospective: 30 June 2012 Retirees: Joyce Bucchi, Elizabeth (Bea) Cox, Karen Gavula, Virginia (Ginny) Kemerer, William (Bill) Martin, Daniel (Dan) Mudry, Joseph (Joe) Olczak, Rebecca Sorice. [Disc contains photos of the 30 June 2012 retirees at various events and stages of their career during their individual respective careers at UPG.] Presented at the retirement reception on 15 June 2012 Hempfield Room, Chambers Hall.


DVD24.A  ORAL HISTORY OF UPG. INTERVIEWS. 1994, 1997-99, 2002 (9 DVD Video Discs)

DVD24.A.1   Mary Lynch Quinn 7/26/94

DVD24.A.2   Dr. Norman McWhinney  5/21/97

DVD24.A.3   Dr. Guy Nicoletti  5/28/97

DVD24.A.4   Dr. Paul Chew  6/4/97

DVD24.A.5   Dr. Carl Poke  6/18/97

DVD24.A.6   Dr. Norman Scanlon  6/24/97

DVD24.A.7   Dr. Donald Reilly  7/6/97

DVD24.A.8   Dr. Guy Rossetti  7/20/98, 1/25/99 [Guy Rossetti Memorial Commemoration]

DVD24.A.9   Dr. George F. Chambers  8/1/02, 10/11/02


DVD24B EVENTS (5 DVD Video Discs)

DVD24.B.1  Cultura, La. Dinner and Reception. "The Life and Times of Leonardo da Vinci. 2002

DVD24.B.2  Fall Festival. 1983 (Track #1); 1991 (Track #2)

DVD24.B.3  Humanities Day. 1983. (Track 1, Program of Events; Track 2, Candid Shots); 1996 (Track 3); 1997 (Track 4)

DVD24.B.4  Honors Convocation. 4th, 2000 (Track #1); Graduation [Commencement.] 2nd, 1990. (Track #2)

DVD24.B.5  Granada, Forum on Issues Relating to, November 11, 1983. Guest Speakers: Dr. Richard Blackett, Professor of History and Black Studies, University of Pittsburgh Oakland and a Caribbean Specialist; Dr. Donald Gibson, Assistant Professor of Sociology, UPG; Russell Rowe, Editorial Editor of the UPG student newspaper. Participant: J. Vollmer.



Track 1  Chambers Hall (Renaming of Common Facilities Bldg. to Chambers Hall) 6/20/97

Track 2  Carillon (Ferguson Carillion: The Edith Ferguson Chambers Carillon) 9/9/95

              Children's Collection (The Joan Chambers Children's Collection) 9/9/95

Track 3  Clock (Campus Clock) 10/13/95

Track 4  Robertshaw Hall 8/22/88

Track 5  Millstein Library (Fanny K. Millstein Library) 5/5/95

Track 6 "Upward to the Light". The Dr. Albert Paul Chew Memorial Window. Millstein Library. 5/14/2008

n.b. The contents of the 15 DVD video discs which constitute UPG Archives RG60 DVD24 UPG Campus History were transferred from 27 UPG Archives VHS tapes on 6/4/12. See: UPG Archives RG60 VC (Videocassettes). [faz]


[UPG]  Frank A. Cassell Hall Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Sept. 5, 2012.



World Trade Center Tribute 9/11/2001.  See:  RG52 Subject Files.  Ser.: WORLD TRADE CENTER, TERRORIST ATTACK ON, SEPT. 11, 2001.











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