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Campus History
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Forums, Symposia, Seminars, Workshops

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NB: A number of these videocassettes have been transferred to a DVD format. For print copies use landscape mode. See RG60 Visual Images. DVD24 UPG Campus History. faz 12/11/12



VC I. 3  Cassell, Dr. Frank A.  Installation as Third President of the University 

of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, March 25, 1998.

VC I.4 Oral History of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg.                                

Dr. Patricia M. Duck, Director of the Library, initiated the oral

history project to document the history of the University of Pittsburgh

at Greensburg in May, 1997. Dr. Mark D. McColloch conducted the

interviews, except where noted, in sessions which each lasted between

60 and 90 minutes. The interview sessions were videotaped and since

the project’s inception in 1997, the following interviews have been


VC I.4h  Pt. I, Pt. 2 Chambers, Dr. George Ferguson. Aug. 13, Oct. 11, 2002. 2 VC  See also: RG60 DVD24.A.9

VC I.4a Chew, Dr. Paul                       1997, June 4                1 VC   See also:  RG60  DVD24.A.4                

VC I.4b McWhinney, Dr. Norman N.  1997, May 21              1 VC   See also:  RG60  DVD24.A.2             

VC I.4c Nicoletti, Dr. Guy M.              1997, May 28              1 VC   See also:  RG60  DVD24.A.3             

VC I.4d Poke, Dr. Carl F.                   1997, June 18              1 VC    See also:  RG60  DVD24.A.5            

VC I.4e Reilly, Dr. Donald T.               1997, July 16               1 VC   See also:  RG60  DVD24.A.7            

VC I.4g *Rossetti, Dr. Guy                  1998, July 20               1 VC   See also:  RG60  DVD24.A.8           

VC I.4f Scanlon, Dr. Norman W.         1997, June 25              1 VC   See also:  RG60  DVD24.A.6             

*Interview conducted by Dr. Patricia M. Duck

VC I.5 Segura, Prof. Juan

Interview with Prof. Juan Segura of Guanajuato, Mexico, first

UPG Fullbright Scholar, Jan.-Apr., 2000.  Interview conducted by

Dr. Mark McColloch, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs,

on 19 April 2000.  See also: RG51 Biographical File -- Segura, Juan.   

VC I. 2 UPG Campus History.  Interview with Mary Lynch Quinn,  July 26, 1994.  See also:  RG60  DVD24.A.1  

Includes a 12 page holograph aide-memoire, i.e., notes, prepared by

MLQ for the interview; sometimes called a transcript.  Photocopy.

Another copy in RG51 Biographical File -- Lynch Family.

See also: RG61 C.14, Audio Cassette of "Tour of Lynch Hall" by Dr. Albert Smith, Sept. 28, 1986;
RG61 C.15, Audio Cassette of "Interview with Kathryn Lynch", August 1986; RG61 C.16, Audio
Cassette of "Interview with Thomas Lynch", July 22, 1986 [JK was UPG Gardener and former
chauffeur to the Lynch Family].


* Carillon (Ferguson Carillon: The Edith Ferguson Chambers Carillon)   VC II. 1  See also:  RG60  DVD24.C

Dedication, September 9, 1995.  2 copies

* Chambers Hall Dedication (renaming of Common Facilities Building    VC II. 2  See also:  RG60  DVD24.C

to Chambers Hall), June 20, 1997.

* Children’s Collection (The Joan Chambers Children’s Collection)       VC II. 1  See also:  RG60  DVD24.C

Dedication, September 9, 1995.  2 copies

* Clock (Campus) Dedication, October 13, 1995.                                VC II. 3  See also:  RG60  DVD24.C

(For audio cassette, see RG 61 C 1.)

* Common Facilities Dedication, August 16, 1989.                               VC II. 4   See also:  RG60  DVD24.C
* Mary Lou Campana Chapel and Lecture Center, Dedication Ceremony,
Tuesday, November 13, 2007. For DVD of Dedication Ceremony, See:
RG60 DVD8. 

* Millstein Library (Fanny K. Millstein Library) Dedication,                   VC II. 5  See also:  RG60  DVD24.C

May 5, 1995.  

* Robertshaw Hall Dedication, August 22, 1989.                                  VC II. 4  See also:  RG60  DVD24.C

* Tosatto Plaza and Tosatto Drive Dedication, June 27, 1997.              VC II. 6

VC II.7  See also:  RG60  DVD24.C
"Upward to the Light". The Dr. Paul Albert Chew Memorial Window. Dedication.
May 14, 2005. See also: RG52 Ser.: ART WORKS: "Upward to the Light". The
Dr. Paul Albert Chew Memorial Window. Dedication. See also RG60 Ser.: Prints.
ART WORKS. The Dr. Paul Albert Chew Memorial Window. Dedication.

* N.B. see also RG 52 Subject Files -- Buildings and RG 52 Subject Files--

 Programs (Dedication).  See also RG61 for Audio Cassettes of Campus

Clock Dedication and Millstein Library Dedication.


A.  Fall Festival

1983, September 18                                                                                         VC III. A. 1  See also:  RG60  DVD24.B.2

1991, September 22                                                                                         VC III. A. 2  See also:  RG60  DVD24.B.2

B. Humanities Day

2nd Annual, 1983                                                                                             VC III. B. 1 a, b, c  See also:  RG60  DVD24.B.3
B.1a, Program of Events; B.1b, Candid Shots; B.1c, Scene from MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM
UPG Student Production.

3rd Annual, 1984, April 12                                                                               VC III. B. 2   
N.B.: no VC III.B.3

10th Annual, 1991 April 18
Awards Ceremony                                                                                           VC III. B. 4

11th Annual, 1992 April 15

Awards Ceremony                                                                                           VC III. B. 5

12th Annual, 1993 April 20

Awards Ceremony                                                                                           VC III. B 6

13th Annual, 1994, April 22

Awards Ceremony                                                                                           VC III. B. 7

14th Annual, 1995 April 21

Diane Lise Perez Burke, History of Flemenco.                                                   VC III. B. 8

15th Annual, 1996 April 19                                                                              VC III. B. 9  See also:  RG60  DVD24.B.3

16th Annual, 1997 April 18                                                                              VC III. B. 10  See also:  RG60  DVD24.B.3

16th Annual, 1997 April 18

Art Entries                                                                                                        VC III. B. 11

17th Annual, 1998 April 17

Awards Ceremony                                                                                           VC III. B. 12

Art Entries                                                                                                        VC III. B. 12b

C.  Greensburg Bicentennial/Victorian Picnic.  Sept. 12, 1999                           VC III. C

(For additional information, see RG52 Subject Files--

Greensburg Bicentennial and RG60 Visual Images--

Prints--Homecoming, 1999--Greensburg Bicentennial.)

 D.  Honors Convocation

See also RG52 Subject Files--Honors Convocation

2000, March 1 (2nd)                                                                                        VC III.D.1     

2001, March 21 (3rd)                                                                                      VC III.D.2
2002, April 5 (4th)                                                                                           VC III.D.3
2003, March 28 (5th)                                                                                       VC.III.D.4

E. Cultura, La. 2002
Cultura, La. The Life and Times of Leonardo da Vinci [Leonardo
and the High Renaissance]. Reception and Dinner, Jan. 19, 2002.                      VC III.E.  See also: RG60  DVD24.B.1

F. Culture, La. 2003. A Paris.
Dinner and Reception. 1/18/03.                                                                        VC III.F.

N.B For Videocassettes or DVDs of La Cultura Lecture Series, See: RG60


                                                                                             IV. FORUMS, SYMPOSIA, SEMINARS, WORKSHOPS


Active Learning Forum, February 15, 1993. Participants:                                  VC IV. 1

Tony Boldurian, David Champagne, Diane Marsh

Alcohol and Legal Liability, April 9, 1991. Participants:                                     VC IV. 2

Hon. Donald E. Wieand, Judge, Superior Court of Pennsylvania;

Hon. Joseph A. Del Sole, Judge, Superior Court of Pennsylvania;

Hon. Gilfert M. Mihalich, Judge, Court of Common Pleas,

Westmoreland County; Mike Rubinoff, Attorney and

Associate Professor, UPG; Moderator, Robert Blum, Attorney.

Criminal Justice Day, March 25, 1993.  3 cassettes.  Guest Speaker,                VC IV. 3 a-c

Former U.S. Attorney General, Ramsey Clark (VC IV. 3c);

Panel discussion, “Drugs, Gangs and Drive-By Shootings,”

with participants: Judge Donetta Ambrose, Court of Common Pleas;

District Attorney John Driscoll; Commander Ronald Freeman of the

Pittsburgh Police; Commander Leonard, Washington PA State

Police/Troop A; J. Daniel McGregor, State Correctional Facility;

Attorney Richard Galloway; UPG Assistant Professor Gilbert Duncan IV;

Dr. Mary Jane Dugan, Assistant Professor of Administration of

Justice, UPG, Moderator.

Faculty Seminar Series, University of Pittsburgh, Oakland, 1982-83.

1982 September 30                                                                                           VC IV.4a

The Art of Lecturing

1982 October 26                                                                                             VC IV.4b

Games, Simulation and Role Playing. Panelists:

Lawrence Knolle, Irene R. Joos, Donna L. Hoffmeister.

Moderator: John M. Roberts.

1983 January 17                                                                                               VC IV.4c

Pitt’s International Programs. Panelists: Paul Masoner,

Burkart Holzner, Keith McDuffie. Moderator: Robert

L. Wolke.

1983 March 17                                                                                                 VC IV.4d

The Third Mission: Service.  Participants: Robert P.

Newman, David E. Epperson, Albert Van Dusen.

1983 February 24                                                                                            VC IV.4e

The Discussion Mode of Teaching. Participants: R. Owen,

R. Marshall, H. Goscilo, B. Harris-Schenz.

1983? February 23                                                                                           VC IV.4f

Microcomputers in Teaching. Panelists: Thomas A. Dwyer,

J. Fred Gage, Alan M. Lesgold. Moderator: Wayne E.


Faculty Who Question the [Gulf] War, 1991. Participants: L. Beeson,              VC IV .5

R. Blevins, M. Gardner, D. Gibson, R. Koeske, S. Lau,

J. Lokay, D. Marsh, M. McColloch, S. Murabito, G.

Rossetti, J. Vollmer, V. Waxwood.

Granada, Forum on Issues Relating to, November 11, 1983.                             VC IV.6  See also:  RG60  DVD24.B.5

Guest speakers: Dr. Richard Blackett, Professor of History

and Black Studies, University of Pittsburgh Oakland and a

Caribbean Specialist; Dr. Donald Gibson, Assistant Professor of

Sociology, UPG; Russell Rowe, Editorial Editor of the UPG student

newspaper. Participant: J. Vollmer.

The Impact of the Health Care Crisis on Our Region. Seminar, Mar. 3, 2004.   VC IV.10
Sponsored by the Westmoreland Chamber of Commerce and the UPG Advisory
Board. [Explores the rapidly changing costs of healthcare from the perspectives of
the legal, medical, insurance and business communities. Panelists include: Dr. Martin
A. Murcek, Greensburg allergist and former president of Highmark, Inc.; Michael
Pepperney of Kennemetal Compensation and Benefits. Moderator, Prof. Alan
Meisel, JD, Director of the Center for Bioethics and Health Law, Univ. of Pgh.,
School of Law. Series part of the Westmoreland Forum. See also: RG27 Ser.:
News Releases, 2/6/04; RG52 Ser.: Westmoreland Forum.]

Moving Toward a National Infrastructure. Teleconference, February 28,            VC IV.7

1992. Participant: J. Dennis O’Connor.

OSHA Training, August 25, 1993.                                                                     VC IV.8

Pittsburgh Area College Consortium. Alcohol Abuse on College                        VC IV.9

Campuses. [undated]

Saving Kids from the System: Town meeting on Juvenile Justice.                         VC IV.11
Pennsylvania Futures Commission on Justice in the 21st Century.
Westmoreland County. October 30, 2001. See Also: RG27 News Releases.
News Release 10/15/01, "UPG To Host Juvenile Justice Town Meeting".




1990, April 28                                                                                       VC V.1  See also:  RG60  DVD24.B.4

1991, April 27                                                                                       VC V.2

1992, April 25                                                                                       VC V.3

1993, May 1                                                                                         VC V.4

1994, April 30                                                                                       VC V.5

1995, April 29                                                                                       VC V.6

1996, April 27                                                                                       VC V.7

1997, April 26                                                                                       VC V.8

1998, April 25                                                                                       VC V.9

1999, May 1                                                                                          VC V.10         

2000, April 29                                                                                       VC V.11         

2001, April 28                                                                                       VC V.12

2002, April 27                                                                                       VC V.13
2003, Apr. 26                                                                                       VC V.14
2004, Apr. 24                                                                                       VC V.15
2005 Archives lacks this year.
2006, April 29                                                                                      VC V.17
2007, April 28                                                                                      DVD 7.1

2008, April 26                                                                                      DVD 7.2

2009, April 25                                                                                      DVD 7.3

2010, May 1                                                                                         DVD 7.4

2011, Apr. 30                                                                                       DVD 7.5

N.B. See RG 07 for Graduation Programs


Chambers, Dr. George Ferguson

Retirement Dinner, November 22, 1996.  2 copies                                 VC VI.1

Lieberman, Senator Joseph.

Senator and Vice Presidential candidate, Democratic Party,                    VC VI.5

general election 2000.  Campaign speech with foreign policy

as the subject, Nov.3, 2000, UPG Ferguson Theater.

See also, RG55 News Clippings, 2000.

McWhinney, Dr. Norman N.                                                                 VC VI.2

Retirement, December, 1995.

O’Connor, J. Dennis

Installation as 16th Chancellor of the University of Pittsburgh,                 VC VI.3
Carnegie Music Hall, Pittsburgh, PA., February 28, 1992.

Rossetti, Dr. Guy

Guy Rossetti Memorial Commemoration, 1/25/99.                                 VC VI.4   See also:  RG60 DVD24.A.8

[marked “Master” tape]           

Spector, Arlen, US Senator (R-Pa)

Town Meeting, August 29, 2001. UPG Campus, Ferguson                     VC VI.6




Andes Manta [Andes Folk Music ensemble]. Ferguson Theater.                                VC VII.8

Oct. 27, 1999.

Andes Manta, A Concert of Andean Music. September 19, 2002. Ferguson
Theatre. (VC II.8a). [For program, see RG52 Subject Files. Ser.: Programs

Capitol Steps. Performance 4/1/04 UPG Chambers Hall Gymnasium. Part of            VC VII.25
UPG 40th Anniversary (2003) celebration. Proceeds to UPG President's
Scholarship Fund. See also: RG27 News Releases. News Release 2/16/04;
RG00 Ser.: Anniversaries. 40th, 2003; RG52 Ser.: UPG President's
Scholarship Fund. [n.b.: There are problems with the sound on this videocassette.]

Grupo Folklorico de Oaxaca. September 20, 1999.                                                 VC VII.5

(For UPG news release, see RG27, news release, September 1,

1999.  Also see, RG52 Subject Files--Rossetti House Programming.)

Indian Classical Music Concert.  March 31, 1999.                                                   VC VII.4

Artists: Nandkishore Muley playing the santoor, known as

“a hundred stringed lute” and Ramdas Palsule playing the tabla.

(For UPG news release, see RG 27, News Release, March

19, 1999.)

Indian Classical Music Concert. April 5, 2000, UPG                                                VC VII.11

Ferguson Theater. Featuring: Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, a

1994 Grammy Award winner performing on a modified

Western acoustic guitar made by changing the main strings

and adding a number of “sympathetic strings”; and Singh

Mamadhari, an accomplished percussionist playing a pair of

drums called “tabla”.

Indian Classical Music Concert, March 29, 2001.                                                    VC VII.12

Artists: Tejendra Majumdar on the sarod, a string instrument

and Subhankar Banerjee, a percussionist on the tabla.  (For news

release, see RG27 Ser.: News Releases, Mar. 19, 2001; for video

cassette, see RG60 Visual Images--Video Cassettes--VC VII.12;

for photos, see RG60 Visual Images--Prints--Indian Classical Music

Concert, 3/29/01).

Indian Classical Music Concert, Oct. 22, 2002.                                                        VC VII.17

Artists: Purbayan Chatterjee on the sitar; Abhijit Banerjee on the tabla.
[For news release, see RG27 Ser.: News Releases, Oct. 10, 2002, for video cassette,
see RG 60 Visual Images--Videocassettes VC VII.17; for programs,
 see RG52 Ser.: Programs (Miscellaneous); for sound recording, see RG 62 Cassette C.12]

Indian Classical Music Concert, Oct. 21, 2003. Ferguson Theater.                            VC VII.20
Artists: Ken Zuckerman, an American who directs the Ali Akbar College in Basel,
Switzerland, and Aninda Chatterjee, and eminent tabla player from India.

Lowen, Sharon

Performance of Odissi, one of the major classical dance forms of                                VC VII.1

India. University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, Smith Hall Auditorium,

November 4, 1992. (For UPG news release, see RG27, news release,
October 22,1992.)

Native American Hoop Dancer, Lisa Odjig. Oct. 28, 2003. Ferguson Theater.           VC VII.21

Palekar, Priya                                                                                                            VC VII.14
The International Club of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg presents
An Evening of Arias and Songs, soprano, Priya Palekar accompanied by Sean
Kelly on the piano. Ferguson Theatre. Wednesday, April 10, 2002 at 7:30 p.m.
(for sound cassette, see RG61 C.9; for programs, see RG52 Ser.: Programs

Pampa Fusion [a Pittsburgh based ensemble of musicians from                                    VC II.9

Argentina, Brazil and Chile performing folkloric Latin American

music, combining classical and typical traditional musical

instruments].  Ferguson Theater, Feb. 29, 2000.  For news

release, see RG27 Ser. News Releases, 2/21/00.


1979, Apr. 6-8. INHERIT THE WIND by Robert Lee. 1 videocassette.                    VC VII.16.1

1980, Mar. 28-30. TRAGEDY OF RAGWEED COWBOY JOE by I.E. Clark.        VC VII.16.2   
1 videocassette.

1981, April 10-12. THE THREE PENNY OPERA by Berthold Brecht.                     VC VII.16.3
2 videocassettes.

Reddy, Dr. Kamala

Performing the Kuchipudi style of Indian classical dance. University                             VC VII.2

of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, Smith Hall, November 8, 1991.

(For UPG news release, see RG 27, news release, October 21, 1991.)                                                            

REQUIEM by Gabriel Faure. University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Chorale,             VC VII.19

Seton Hill University Choir, Members of the Westmoreland Symphony. Wednesday,
April 9, 2003, 7:30 p.m., St. Joseph Chapel, Seton Hill University. With
performances by the Seton Hill University Women's Chorale and Handbell
Choirs. [This videocassette of the Apr. 9, 2003 performance.]

The SECOND MRS. DEMYAN, an original play by K.C. Constantine.                      VC VII.7

Sept. 24, 25, 26, 1999.  Ferguson Theater.  Cast: Borislav “Bo” Demyan

(Norman McWhinney); Denise Merski Demyan (Deborah Casciani);

Joyce Merski (Valerie Drake); Alberto “Vento” Rohrbach (Christopher

Scott).  This was a taping of the Friday, Sept. 24, 1999 performance.

(For program, news clippings, etc., see RG25 Library Ser.: UPG Cultural


STUDENT ONE ACTS [Student Directed One Acts]. Nov. 28-30, 2001.                 VC VII.24
3 videocassettes.

SURE THING by David Ives and THE ACTORS’ NIGHTMARE                             VC VII.13

by Christopher Durang.  Nov. 30, Dec. 1, 2000.  Directed by

Ken Lewandowski who graduated from UPG in Apr., 2000

and Laird Cain who is in his last term at UPG.  (For program,

see RG52 Subject Files--Programs--Miscellaeneous.)

TLEN-HUICANI [Mexican Folk Group]. Sept. 28, 2005, Ferguson Theater, UPG.   VC VII.26
See also, RG27 Ser.: News Releases. News Release 9/6/05.

Tuna, La. The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg presents La Tuna from
the School of Medicine, University of Valladolis, Spain. April 14, 2003.
Ferguson Theatre. [For program, see RG52 Ser.: Programs (Miscellaneous)]              VC VII.18

Tuna, La. [from the School of Medicine, University of Valladolid,
Spain; performance at UPG, Jan. 15, 2004]                                                               VC VII.22

24 Hours. AM Plus, March 21,22, 1986. 15 mini-plays written by a                           VC VII.3

variety of artists and which explore the diversity of events that

can happen in little more than a day in scenes that are funny and

touching. Presented by Drama Club of Pitt-Greensburg under the

direction of Andy Gilfillan. (For students participating in the

performance and additional information, see RG 27, news releases,

February 28, 1986.)    

UPG Chorale and Band Concert, Apr. 16, 2002.                                                       VC VII.15
(for sound cassette, see RG61 C.10.)  


VC VII.23.1 a - e
2000, Mar. 25-26. THE VISIT by Friedrich Durrematt. 5 videocassettes.

VC VII.23.2 a - c
2000, Nov. 10-12. BEYOND THERAPY by Christopher Durang. 3 videocassettes.

VC VII.23.3 a - c
2001, Mar. 15-18. THE ADDING MACHINE by Elmer Rice. 3 videocassettes.

VC VII.23.4 a - d
2001, Sept. 13-15. THE UPG REGIONAL ONE-ACT FESTIVAL: THE LITTLE RED GATE by Maureen Jenkins. 4 videocassettes.

VC VII.23.5 a - e
2001, Nov. 7-10. THE LION IN WINTER by James Goldman. 5 videocassettes.

VC VII.23.6 a
2002, Mar. 20 [Dress Rehearsal?]. SUBURBIA by Eric Bogosian. 1 videocassette.

VC VII.23.7 a - d
2002, Nov. 6-9. SUCH FOOLISH AFFECTED LADIES by Moliere. 4 videocassettes.

VC VII.23.8 a - c
2003, Mar. 21-22. TALKING WITH by Jane Martin. 3 videocassettes.

VC VII.23.9 a - b
2003, Nov. 20-22. R.U.R. (ROSSUM'S UNIVERSAL ROBOTS) by Karel Capek. 2 videocassettes.

VC VII.23.10 a - c
2004, Apr. 1-3. FOOL FOR LOVE by Sam Shepard. 3 videocassettes.

VC VII.23.11
2000, Spring, Fall. 45 Minute of clip of Plays of UPG Productions: THE VISIT, BEYOND THERAPY, THE ADDING MACHINE, THE LION IN WINTER, SUBURBIA, SUCH FOOLISH AFFECTED LADIES. 1 videocassette.

For prints SEE: RG60 Ser.: Prints. UPG Performance collective.


THE PROPOSAL; THE BEAR by Anton Chekhov.  Nov. 20, 21, 1997.                     VC VII.10.1

Powers Hall.  Produced by, directed by, and starring UPG

Faculty Members: Sayre Greenfield, Mark McColloch, Norman

McWhinney, William Pamerleau, Mary Beth Spore, Joanne Viano,

Judith Vollmer.  (See also RG52 Subject Files--UPG Players and

RG60 Visual Images--Prints--UPG Players)

The UPG Players present Two Comedies Tonight: OVERRULED                                VC VII.10.2

by G.B. Shaw (Cast: Mrs. Juno, Sheila Conifer; Mr. Lunn,

Bill Pamerleau; Mrs. Lunn, Jennifer Fetter; Mr. Juno, Rick

Sparks; directed by Sheila Conifer) and MIXED DOUBLES by

G. Feydeau (Cast: Albert, Brandi Darr; Philomele, Liz

Marciniak; Pompe Nicole, Chris Lacey; Bordeleau, Mark

McColloch; Venus, Mary Beth Spore; Aphrodite, Tracey

Douthett; directed by Joanne Viano).  March 30 & 31, 2000.

FIT TO BE TRIED by Georges Feydeau (Cast: Chris Lacey, Mary                              VC VII.10.3

Beth Spore, Rick Sparks, Joe Szurek, Beth Tiedemann,

Marilyn Jensen, Brandi Darr; Directed by Joanne Viano with

Assoc. Director, Larry Whatule); ‘DENTITY CRISIS by

Christopher Durang (Cast: Sheila Confer, Michelle Tracey,

Bill Pamerleau playing four characters, Mark McColloch,

Shirley Mileca).  Mar. 22, 23, 2001.  (For photos of cast, FIT TO

BE TRIED, see RG60 Visual Images--Prints--UPG Players--



                                                                                                                                                                                      VIII. TALKS, LECTURES, SPEECHES


Apt, Dr. Jay

“This View of Earth”, a slide show from outer space, presented                                     VC VIII.4

Sept. 7, 2000, UPG Ferguson Theater by Dr. Jay Apt, a former

astronaut.  Dr. Apt flew as a member of the crew of the Space

Shuttle Atlantis (1991), was Endeavor’s flight engineer (1992),

flew again aboard Endeavor (1994) and served aboard Atlantis

as it docked with the Russian Mir space station (1996).  Program

sponsored by the Natural Sciences and New Technologies Academic


See also, RG 52 Subject Files--Natural Sciences and New

Technologies Academic Village.

Arthur St. Clair Lectureship

2000, Oct. 19 (1st lecture)

Hinderaker, Dr. Eric A.                                                                                                VC VIII.7.a

“Westmoreland County and the Struggle for Europe in the Ohio

Country”, first in the annual [Arthur] St. Clair Lecture Series, Thursday

Oct. 19, 2000, UPG Ferguson Theater.  Dr. Hinderaker is an Assoc.

Prof. of History at the Univ. Of Utah and a distinguished French and

Indian War Scholar.

See also, RG52 Subject Files, Ser.: [Arthur St]. Clair Lectureship.

2001, Oct. 18 (2nd)

Calloway, Dr. Collin Gordon.                                                                                       VC VIII.7.b

“The Role of the Native Americans at the Time of the

Revolution in the West”, 2nd in the annual Arthur St. Clair Lecture

Series, Oct. 18, 2001, UPG Ferguson Theater.  Dr. Calloway is the

Chair of the Dept. of Native American Studies, Dartmouth College.

See also, RG52 Subject Files, Ser.: [Arthur] St. Clair Lectureship.

2002, Oct. 17 (3rd)                                                                                                     VC VIII.7.c
Majewski, Dr. John
"Thomas Jefferson's Economic Revolution from Below." 3rd in the annual Arthur St. Clair
Lecture Series. Oct. 17, 2002. Ferguson Theatre. Dr. Majewski is an Assoc. Prof. of
History at the University of California Santa Barbara. See also, RG52 Subject Files, Ser.:
[Arthur] St. Clair Lectureship.

2003, Oct. 16 (4th)                                                                                                      VC VIII.7.d   
Warren, Dr. Kenneth
"A Keystone of America's Industrial Greatness: the Coke Industry of the Connellsville Area."
4th in the annual Arthur St. Clair Lecture Series. Oct. 16, 2003. Ferguson Theater. Dr. Kenneth
Warren is Emeritus Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford University.
See also, RG52 Subject Files, Ser.: [Arthur] St. Clair Lectureship.

2005, Oct. 12 (6th)                                                                                                      VC VIII.7.e
Anderson, Dr. Fred
"Why the French and Indian War is Worth Remembering", the 6th annual St. Clair Lecture,
October 12, 2005. Ferguson Theater, UPG. Dr. Fred Anderson is Professor of History, University
of Colorado at Boulder. Sponsored by Westmoreland Heritage, the University of Pittsburgh at
Greensburg and The Westmoreland County Historical Society. See also, RG52 Subject Files, Ser.
[Arthur] St. Clair Lectureship.

2006, Oct. 11 (7th)
Tokar, Dr. Franklin K.
“A Magnet for Good Architecture: The Laurel Hill Highlands from Mason House to Fallingwater, and
Beyond.” 7th annual Arthur St. Clair Lectureship, Oct. 11, 2006, Ferguson Theater. Dr. Franklin K. Tokar
is a professor in the History of Art and Architecture Department at the Univ. of Pittsburgh, Oakland Campus.
For a DVD of this Lecture, SEE: RG60 DVD 3.
See also: RG52 Ser.: Arthur St. Clair Lectureship.

Bortz, Dr. William M.

Lecture entitled, “Creating A Meaningful Third Age: Dare To                                         VC VIII.5

Be 100!”, by the nationally recognized physician and author.

April 18, 2000, UPG Ferguson Theater.

Carter, Rubin “Hurricane”

Public Lecture, “The Story of the Hurricane: Justice and the                                           VC VIII.8

Legal System”.  Feb. 10, 2000, Chambers Hall Gymnasium.

See Also: RG52 Subject Files--Events (Campus Sponsored)--

Black History Month, Feb, 2000, for autographed programs,

news clippings.

RG60 Visual Images.  Ser.:   Prints – Carter, Rubin “Hurricane”

Clark, Joe                                                                                                                    VC VIII.1

Educator who transformed the formerly raucous Eastside High

in New Jersey into a model school.  University of Pittsburgh at

Greensburg, February 28, 1995.  Sponsored by UPG Activities

Board in cooperation with the Organization for Black Awareness

and the Greensburg/Jeannette NAACP branch. (For UPG news

release, see RG 27, news release, February 13, 1995.)

Clark, Ramsey.

(See RG 60 Video Cassettes IV Forums, Symposia, Seminars,

Workshops: Criminal Justice Day, March 25, 1993.)
Cobetto Lecture Series.                                                                                              VC VIII.19

2006, Feb. 23. "How to be Good" presented by Randy Cohen, Columnist, New York Times

Cultura, La. 2002. The Life and Times of Leonardo da Vinci. Lecture:                        VC VIII.15
Farago, Dr. Claire, Univ. of Colorado. "Leonardo da Vinci, Cultural
Hero: Is His Legacy Scientific Legacy Fact or Fiction?" Jan. 31, 2002.

Culture, La. 2003. A Paris. Lectures:                                                                          VC VIII.16.A

Collins, Dr. Bradford,Univ. of South Carolina. "Impressionism: Manet, Monet and Urbanism."

Jan. 23, 2003; VC VIII.16.B Lloyd, Dr. Rosemary, Indiana University.

"Baudelaire, Mallarme and the Modern City." Jan. 27, 2003;                                       VC VIII.16.C

Muller, Dr. Edward, Univ. of Pittsburgh. "Creating the New Paris in the Late 19th Century."
Jan. 30, 2003.

Cultura, La. 2004. Spain: Treasuries and Legacy of the Golden Age. Lectures:             VC VIII.17.A.
 Toker, Dr. Franklin, University of Pittsburgh. "Velazquez's "Las Meninas":

A Captivating Image and Its Cruel Reality", Jan. 20, 2004;                                           VC VIII.17.B
Guilmartin, Dr. John, Ohio State University. "The Battle of Lepanto: How Spanish

Naval Technology Changed the Course of Empires", Jan. 22, 2004;                              VC VIII.17.C
Beverley, Dr. John, University of Pittsburgh. "Don Quixote
and Us: Reflections on Empire, Past and Present", Jan. 29, 2004.

Cultura, La. 2006. Classical Greece: Tradition and Challenge. Lectures:                       VC VIII.18A
Seward, Dr. David, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, "Classical Greek

Influences in the Modern World." Oct. 27, 2005;                                                         VC VIII.18B

Weis, Dr. Anne, Prof. of History of Art & Architecture, Univ. of Pittsburgh,

"Encounters with the Divine in Greece and the Hellenistic World." Jan. 19, 2006;          VC VIII.18C

Pamerleau, Dr. William, Assoc. Prof. of Philosophy, University of

Pittsburgh at Greensburg, "Socrates' Ethical Challenge", Feb. 16, 2006.                        VC VIII.18D

Orange, Dr. Walter, Assistant Prof. of Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh
 at Greensburg. "Searching for Pythagoras", Mar. 22, 2006.

N.B. For La Cultura Lecture Series from 2007-to date, See: RG60 DVD6.A-

Elana Castro, Maria Elena.

Cuban journalist, short story writer and poet reads and discusses                                 VC VIII.9

her works.  She served as a journalist during the Cuban Revolution, a

foreign correspondent in China, news editor and journalism professor in

Angola and as a literary, art, movie critic, Script writer for radio and

television.  April 19, 2001.  UPG Village Hall.

See Also: RG27 Ser.: News Releases, 4/9/01.

Grossman, Lt. Col. Dave                                                                                           VC VIII.14
"Are We Killing Our Kids" by former U.S. Army Ranger and West Point psychology
professor. Monday, Oct. 14, 2002, UPG Ferguson Theater. See also: RG 27 Ser.:
News Releases 10/7/02; RG55 News Clippings, 10/17/02.

Madres, Las, de la Plaza de Mayo (Mothers of May Square).                                     VC VIII.1
April 17, 2001, UPG

Village Hall. [organization which staged peaceful marches in the Plaze de Mayo in
Buenos Aires to demand justice and information about their children who "disappeared"
during the 1970's and 1980's under the oppressive military government at that time.
For news releases, see RG27 Ser.: News Releases 4/09/02.]

Matta, Pedro Alejandro                                                                                               VC VIII.13
"Confronting the Past: A Walk Through a Twentieth Century Torture Center;

Villa Grimaldi, Santiago, Chile" by Pedro Alejandro Matta, a survivor of the Chilean
Military Junta torture camp in the 1970's. Tuesday, October 1, 2002, 7:30 p.m.,
UPG Ferguson Theater. See also: RG27 Ser.: News Releases, 9/16/02.

Mathis, Judge Greg                                                                                                     VC VIII.10

Public Lecture, “Overcoming Life’s Challenge”.  Monday,

Feb. 4, 2002, Chambers Hall Gymnasium.  Part of Black History Month,

2002. See also: RG27   Ser.:   News Releases.  News Release 1/22/02,

“Television Judge at UPG”. RG52  Subject Files.  Ser.:   Events (Campus Sponsored)--

Black History Month, 2002 RG60  Prints–Mathis, Judge Greg

Power, Margaret
“The Politics of Right-Wing Women in Latin America” by                                              VC VIII.11

Margaret Power of the Illinois Institute of Technology, Monday,

Feb. 11, 2002.  Subject is on the pivotal role rightist women have played

in their nations’ modern history, including those who marched against

President Goulart in Brazil and those who organized against Salvador Allende

in Chile.  Also examined is what is the U.S. Government’s relationship to

right-wing women in Latin America.  Sponsored by the Behavioral Sciences

Academic Village, Humanities Academic Village, Rossetti International


Provost, Dr. George Foster

Professor, English Department, Duquesne University and                                               VC VIII.3

Director of the Christopher Columbus Project; Research Associate

for Columbus Studies, Brown University.  Topic: “Will the Real

Columbus Please Stand Up?”; 6 October 1992, Smith Hall,

University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg; sponsored by the

Pennsylvania Humanities Council; introduction of speaker by Dr.

Ruth Kuschmierz.

Note: Early portion of tape defective; start tape at counter 1.50,

otherwise the tape will stop at either counter reading .42 or 1.44 and

will rewind.

For UPG news release see RG27 News Releases, September 23, 1992.

Rosmus, Anna                                                                                                             VC VIII.2

Author, researcher speaks on the hidden Nazi past of Passau,
Germany and focuses on wartime atrocities committed under

Hitler by people of Passau and is based on what she uncovered

as a teenager while writing an essay for a European wide contest.

University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, October 20, 1994. (For

UPG news release, see RG 27 news release October 10, 1994.)   

UPG Cultural Series

1999, Sept. 24, 25, 26

THE SECOND MRS. DAMYAN an original play by K.C. Constantine. (SEE

RG 60   VC VII.7 and RG25 Ser.: UPG Cultural Series.)

2000, Oct. 3

Halberstam, David                                                                                                        VC VIII.6a

“The Future of Celebrity” a lecture presented as part of the

UPG Cultural Series, Oct. 3, 2000, UPG Ferguson Theater by David

Halverstam, a Pulitzer Prize winner.
See also, RG25 Library, Ser.: UPG Cultural Series.

2001, Oct. 25

Krulwich, Robert                                                                                                          VC VIII.6b

“Why Things Are The Way They Are” (with a focus on

Science and Technology), Oct. 25, 2001, UPG Ferguson Theater

by Robert Krulwich, an ABC News Correspondent. [spoke and

answered questions in re the terrorist attack on the World Trade

Center on Sept. 11, 2001]

See also RG25 Library, Ser.: UPG Cultural Series.

                                                                                                                                                                                      IX. CLASS INSTRUCTION


Communication.  Dr. Donald Egolf, Instructor.  2 cassettes.

Cassette 1: On generating and evaluating ideas.  Topic “How                                       VC IX. 1a

Can We Improve the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg?”

Class participation. circa, March 26, 1988.  30 minutes

Cassette 2: Team of four students (3 males, 1 female) whose                                       VC IX. 1b

task is to select two candidates from among a number to share

the use of a kidney machine.  Evaluation and selection of the two

candidates are to be made on the potential contributions of

the individuals to society.  The task is to include a report with

recommendation of two candidates with a rationale for selection.

circa, 44 minutes

German skits.  2 skits. January, 1986. circa 7 minutes.                                                VC IX. 2

Spanish skits.  4 skits.  Winter, 1983.  Nancy Estrada, Instructor.                               VC IX. 3

circa 20 minutes.

Dissection of a cow’s eye. [undtd]                                                                              VC IX. 4

Commercials for UPG. [Dr. L. Beeson's Persuasion Class. Fall 1986].                        VC IX. 5


                                                                                                                                                                                            X. MISCELLANEOUS


Greensburg Croquet Club, June 14, 1992.                                                                VC X. 1

Semester at Sea, University of Pittsburgh.  17 minutes.  A video by                            VC X. 2

Martin Darrah and Katrina Greene.  An IFV/ISE [Institute

for Shipboard Education] Production.  2 copies.

60 Minutes--Clip from the 60 Minutes TV broadcast of 1/16/05, "The Insider".          VC X.3
[2 second clip of UPG students attending a talk by Jeffrey Wigand, former tobacco
industry executive on 11/18/04 in the Ferguson Theater. For a preview article
on the upcoming event, see The [UPG] INSIDER, 11/18/04, p 1-2, "'Insider to
Inform UPG Today'"]

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