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The office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs evolved from the office of the Dean of Academic Affairs which had its inception with that of the campus of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg in 1963.  Dr. Carl F. Poke was appointed Dean of Academic Affairs in 1963 and remained as Dean until his retirement from the deanship in February, 1991.  Dr. Norman W. Scanlon was the associate dean and was appointed interim dean in 1991, dean in 1993, and vice president of academic affairs in 1995 when the name of the office was changed from the Dean of Academic Affairs to that of Vice-President for Academic Affairs.

As of June, 1997, the office of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs had responsibility for the following areas:

Admissions and Financial Aid

Divisions of Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering

Division of Behavioral Sciences

Division of Humanities

Public Relations


Audio-Visual Services

Student Services

n.b.: For Vice President for Academic Affairs Search Committee, See: RG36 Ser.: Vice President for Academic Affairs Search Committee, 1995.


1963-FEBRUARY 1991




1974.  A Proposal to Change the Program at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg from    Lower-To-Upper Division.  September, 1974.  Photocopy. [Has copies of letters from Jack Freeman to Harold C. Wiser, Assistant Commissioner to Coordinate Higher Education, Dept of Education, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, dtd Aug. 23, 1974 and to William H. Rea, Chairman of the Board. Of Trustees, Univ. Of Pittsburgh, dtd Aug. 23, 1974.] See also RG70.2 UPO DOC 1974.



1972 April 7 To: N. McWhinney.  Subject: Reading Program for Allan Hudock. [Has

attached memorandum from N.H. McWhinney dtd 25 April in reply.]

1977 September 15 To: Faculty. Subject: Enrollment--Fall Term 1977.
1988 April 4 To: All Advisors.  Subject: Gerontology Certificate.

1989 [Announcements of openings for full time faculty positions: Communications;

Economics; Mathematics; Physical Education; Psychology]

1989 November 20 To: All Faculty.  Subject: Divisional Chairpersons. [3 incumbents to serve

another term: Behavioral Sciences--Manhar Vyas; Humanities--Collette Levin; Natural

Science and Engineering--Estrella Ang]



Academic Development of the Greensburg Campus, (1970-77, 1982-83, 1987)

Contains: memo dtd 6/12/70 from C.F. Poke to M. Richard Rose, subject, “An Undergraduate Business Program at Greensburg”; memo dtd 1/18/71 from Charles

H. Peake to Presidents Smith, Ball, Swarts, subject, “Policy on Faculty Organizations in Regional Campuses”; document, “Criteria For Appointment and Promotion”, dtd 1/20/71 from M.R. Rose; memo 10/20/71 from Albert B. Smith to All Faculty and Staff, subject, “Budget Crisis”; memo from ABS to M.R. Rose dtd 1/28/72, subject, “Expansion of the General Studies Program on the Greensburg Campus”, with an attached memo dtd 1/26/72 from C.F. Poke to ABS, subject, “Additional Degree Programs in General Studies at the Greensburg Campus”; memo dtd 11/13/72 from N.H. McWhinney to All Members of the Faculty Senate transmitting memo of 1/25/72 from ABS to Robert Nossen, Assoc. Provost for Regional Campuses, subject, “Possible Directions for the Academic Development of the Greensburg Campus”; memo dtd 2/1/72 from Richard Dapra, Joanne Viano, Manharlal Vyas (Dean’s Cabinet Committee for Program Expansion in the School of General Studies) to C.F. Poke and members of the Dean’s Academic Cabinet, subject, “Proposal to Institute Degree-Granting Programs in the Humanities and Social Science Areas of Concentration in the School of General Studies at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg”; memo 4/28/72 from Rhoten A. Smith, Provost, to Chancellor Wesley W. Posvar, subject, “Proposed Satellite Campuses: Pitt East and Pitt West”; memo C.F. Poke to Robert Nossen dtd 6/12/73, subject, “Existence of Business Programs in General Studies at the Greensburg Campus” and includes as an attachment a memo 8/12/71 from Donald H. Henderson to Deans Steel Gow, Arthur Fedel, H.J. Zoffer and Ass’t Provost R. Rose, subject, “Undergraduate Business Programs at Greensburg”; memo from Rhoten A. Smith to Dr. Robert Nossen dtd 7/19/73, subject, “Business School Offerings at Greensburg Through the School of General Studies” [authorization to proceed]; memo from W.W. Posvar to Bd. of Trustees dtd 12/24/73, subject, “Redefinition of Missions: The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg and at Titusville” and which includes a copy of a “A Proposal for Changing the Program at Greensburg Campus from Lower to Upper Division” dtd 12/17/73 and a copy of “A Proposal for Adapting the Mission of the University of Pittsburgh at Titusville” dtd 12/27/73; memo from Jack E. Freeman to Robert Nossen dtd 11/11/74, subject, “Proposed SGS Baccalaureate Programs at Greensburg”; ltr dtd 5/31/77 from Donald H. Henderson, Acting Provost, to Dean Robert D. Marshall, [College of Arts and Sciences should consider courses in Anthropology, economics, English Literature, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology taken at the UPG General Studies Center on the same basis as courses in the School of General Studies]; ltr from Dr. Merle J. Moskowitz, Prof. And Assoc. Chairman, Dept. of Psychology to Norman W. Scanlon, Director of Evening Studies, in re a proposed 4-year General Studies major in Psychology at the Greensburg Campus; ltr 7/12/77 from Robert B. Hinman, Chairman, English Dept., to Dr. Donald T. Reilly in re proposal for a major in English at the Greensburg campus; ltr 8/11/77 from Robert S. Walters, Chairman, Dept. of Political Science, to Carl F. Poke in re proposal for a Political Science offering in the School of General Studies at the Greensburg campus; ltr 8/15/77 from Norman W. Scanlon to Dr. J. Steele Gow, Dean of General Studies, in re pursuit of department programs at UPG (Psychology, English Literature, Political Science) with attachments of ltrs from Dr. Merle J. Moskowitz (Psychology), Robert B. Hinman (English), Robert S. Walters (Political Science); ltr dtd 8/22/77 from Steel Gow to N.W. Scanlon [acknowledges receipt of departmental letters of approval for Psychology, English Literature and Political Science majors and extends the Dean’s approval as well]; memo 6/1/82 from Andrew R. Blair and Edward J. Palascak to Dr. Robert Nossen, subject, “Memorandum of Understanding Concerning the CGS Management Major at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg”; memo 6/14/82 from Steele Gow to Norman W. Scanlon [approval of the CGS Administrative Committee for the proposed Applied Mathematics major for the CGS degree at Greensburg] and has attached a ltr 6/1/82 from W.E. Deskins, Chairman of Mathematics and Statistics to Dean Carl Poke [approval of a proposal by Dr. Mary Grace O’Donnell for a CGS four-year degree program in Applied Mathematics at UPG] and a ltr from N.W. Scanlon to Dr. Steele Gow in re proposal by M.G. O’Donnell for an Applied Mathematics major]; memo from Steele Gow dtd 1/31/83 to Carl Poke, subject, “Natural Science Concentration”; ltr 3/28/87 from Edwin F. Ochester, director, Writing Program to N.W. Scanlon in re [writing program at UPG].








1993 August 23, 30 in re: “Duplicating Procedures/Restrictions for FY 1994.”  Attached: copy of

memo. 8/30/93 from Don Reilly to all full-time Humanities Faculty.

1994 March 17 in re: UPG Five-Year Plan.
1995 June 8 Ltr from James V. Maher, Provost to Dr. Norman Scanlon, Vice President for Academic
Affairs, UPG. Subject: [approval of proposal to establish a major in Communication: Rhetoric and
Communication at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg (UP-G).]

1995 October 16 from Norm Scanlon to All Full-Time Faculty.  Subject: Self-Study for the

Evaluation of UPG’s Academic Programs. [Gives names of members of the University

Faculty invited by the Provost to serve on the internal review team. Transmits a copy of

the self-study document.  For document See: DOCUMENTS1995, October.  A

Self-Study...   For another copy See: RG02.2 Series: DOCUMENTS.  1995 October

A Self-Study...)

1997 December 8 To: UPG Staff, Librarians, Academics Heads.  From: Dr. Norman Scanlon,

Dr. Guy Rossetti.  Subject; [annual staff recognition luncheon]. [List individuals with

25, 10, and 5 years of service]
1998, January 27. To: Carol Calloway and Alicia Covarrubias. Subj.: Possible Art Exhibit in Millstein

Library. [in re the possibility of an art exhibit in the Millstein Library featuring works that are currently
at Chatham College. Discussed at senior staff meeting and were in agreement that this is appropriate use
of academic space and that it would not be disruptive of normal library operations; this kind of activity
should not become the responsibility of Dr. Duck or of the members of the library staff. sets conditions,
i.e., transportation insurance, hanging/arranging, insurance when the exhibit is on campus, security
arrangements, any special lighting, etc.]

1998 January 29 Subject: installation of Dr. Cassell

1998 August 24 From Dr. Norm Scanlon and Rick Fogle.  Subject: National Honor Societies.

1999 October 21 To: Rich Blevins, Tracy Douthett, Pat Duck, Wes Jamison, Bill Martin,

Mark McColloch, Mary Grace O’Donnell.  Subject: Data on Retention, Graduation,

and Persistence Rates for UPG Assessment Project. [Tables: Headcount Enrollment

of First-time, Full-time Freshmen, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, Entrance

Years 1990-1998 [by ethnic group]; Retention Rates of First-time, Full-time Freshmen,

University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, Entrance Years 1990-1997 [by ethnic group];

Persistence Rates of First-time, Full-time Freshmen, University of Pittsburgh at

Greensburg, Entrance Years 1990-1994 (by ethnic group)]

1999 November 17.  To: Rich Blevins, Wes Jamison, Mark McColloch, Mary Grace

O’Donnell.  Subject: Enrollment by Discipline.

2000 January 19 To: All Faculty and Staff. [promotion of Dr. Mark McColloch to Associate

Vice President for Academic Affairs]

MEMORANDA (ADDENDUM) 1991, 1992, 1996, 1997-1999

7.23.91, Evaluation Process; 12/15/92, Weather emergency; 3/1/96, Internal Rev. Team Conducting Academic Program Evaluation; 9/4/97, Use of FOB Conference room; 10/27/97, United Way II;  11/12/97, Books by the Faculty; 6/15/98, Positions Announcement [Student Svcs. Specialists II]; 2/26/98, Position Annoucement (Faculty Secretarial Position-- Sec. II); 3/18/98, Use of Staff Lounge on 3/25; 4/30/98 To: Dr. Frank A. Cassell. Subject: Some Thoughts on Quality and Markers of Excellence. 5p.; 3/8/99, Candidates for Vice President of Administrative Affairs; 4/1/99, National Honor Societies.]


Contents:  Memo dtd. 12/4/98 from MDM in re meeting of December 11 for the purpose of discussing a proposed new History major, i.e. "a proposal to establish a baccalureate program in History"; memo dtd 10/15/99 from N. Scanlon, Subject: "Proposed Certificate Program in Latin American Studies"; draft of FY00 [Budget] Planning Document; Memo dtd 2/19/04 Subject: Brief Meeting 2/25 to review draft of this year's [FY 2004] campus plan.




1984, June. University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Long-Range Planning Policies 1985-90.

Phase I. Planning Document June 1984. 58 p. [bd. vol.]

[1994] Long-Range Plan, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. 31p. + [8p.]

Appendices: competitor institutions; peer institutions; part-time students, 1991;

direct and referral applications/deposits; funding sources-capital goals; comparative

data -- UPG and other Provost’s area schools/colleges; funding-academic and

administrative goals

1995, October. A Self-Study for the Evaluation of Academic Programs at the University
of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. October, 1995. 130 p.


    JULY 2000-JUNE 2003


     JUNE 2003-JUNE 2006




2005, March 23? 24? To: All Full-Time Faculty. Subject: Classroom Visitation Policy. [Encloses a copy of the classroom visitation policy that was adopted by Senate several years ago. Per the discussion at the Senate meeting of 3/21/05.]

JULY 2006-

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