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Some years ago, I worked in Hillman Library as an undergraduate student. At Hillman Library, I met other library staff who were working towards their Master of Library and Information Science degrees. Learning about library school while "on the job" literally changed my life. I decided to go to library school at the University of Pittsburgh, in part, based on my experiences working in Hillman Library. All these years later, I still keep in touch with some of the people I worked with at Hillman Library. For those of us who worked at Hillman, this is nothing unusual.


The Hillman Library was the place to study during my years at Pitt. Most famously the fourth floor for Hyper Study. This was where you went to study intensely for finals. Most coveted by my fraternity Big Brother Pat Gentile, (now a partner at Reed Smith ) The first floor was the most social, then subsequently the second and third. But Hyper Study was where you had to be when it was make or break for the finals in Political Science! Thanks to Pats recommendation and guidance, I graduated with great grades. He went on to Law School.


I was an undergraduate lining in Tower A when Hillman Library opened, providing a much needed quiet place for serious study near the dorms. However there was occasionally a seasonal distraction from the usual solitude when the Pirates played at Forbes Field. As a Pirates fan, I would sit near the windows overlooking the old ballpark and take a peak up from my studies every time the crowds roared. Needless to say that opportunity is long gone, but etched forever among my memories of Pitt.


I worked at Hillman for a little over two years during my time at Pitt. I have so many memories with my co-workers, some of whom became lifelong friends. As crazy as this sounds, I really enjoyed working during finals week. And here is why:


Doing sociology research and going through tons of journals...reading about Irish history...studying for Greek mythology... When my girls were little and I began my masters @ CAL, I still did my research at Hillman with them at my side.


I was a commuter student with an hour bus ride each way. Some terms my class schedule was 8am - 8:30pm, with mid-day breaks. I discovered Hillman's Oversized Books Room had large square, high-sided chairs I could pull together to make a private cubbyhole. Taking naps in "my cubby" got me through some very long days on my way to a double major in Biochemistry and Chemistry.


The Hillman Library proved invaluable when attending grad school, and provided a convenient place to study and research. The librarians were very helpful in obtaining materials for me by interlibrary loan.


I worked alone in the Stark Listening Center. What a peaceful place to study once my duties were done. A great job for a student!


Digitized resources are amazing, but a couple times I had to actually dig in to microfilm of old periodicals at Hillman -- just like in the movies!


Ahhhhhh, Hillman Library! When I needed to do some major studying and research, the Hillman Library is where my friends and I did it at. No laptops, cell phones and computer tablets for us!!! In between studying, we'd watch our fellow, cute college classmates out of the Hillman Library windows. Awesome experience!


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