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Statement on the passing of Henry Hillman

Henry Hillman’s extraordinary legacy is unusually varied and consistently impactful. On Pitt’s campus, it is particularly visible through the hundreds of thousands of students, faculty and researchers who have used the Hillman Library to advance their important work since its construction. The University has been preparing to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Hillman Library this year. Now, with Mr. Hillman’s passing, we have even more reason to celebrate his impact in creating a library that became a unifying space that was so central to the academic mission of the University. Over the course of the half century that followed, Mr. Hillman remained interested and engaged as technology expanded the scope of services that the library could provide and dramatically changed the ways in which many of those services were delivered. Recognizing the key role played by library professionals, in 2001, he provided the funding for an endowment to support the work of the Hillman University Librarian. Mr. Hillman will be missed in many places. Certainly, that includes, the University of Pittsburgh’s Library System, which mourns his passing and remains eternally grateful for his thoughtful leadership and generous support.