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Geographic & Spatial Data Services


Geographic and Spatial Data Services is a part of Hillman Library's Digital Scholarship Commons (G49).

What is GIS?

A geographic information system allows a user to store, analyze, manipulate, manage, and visualize spatial data.


GIS Workstation, Software, and Licensed Resources

A workstation dedicated to GIS is located in Hillman Library's Digital Scholarship Commons. The workstation has ArcGIS Suite and Google Earth Pro installed, and provides access to certain Pitt-only licensed resources, such as the Geolytics database.

Some assistance for GIS is available from specialists in the ULS.  To ask a question or schedule an appointment, please start with the library's Ask Us email form.
Support for GIS and Spatial Analysis
Data Acquisition: can help you locate the data you need across a wide variety of data sources.
Storage and management:  We can give you advice on data management and storage.
Analysis and Preparation: We are staffed with knowledgeable consultants who can help you get started with preparing and analyzing your geospatial data.
Mapping and Visualization: We can help you find the most effective way to map and visualize your data for your needs.

Metadata: Consult our metadata librarian for support on adding and maintaining the metadata associated with your data.

Note: For technical support for installation or performance issues while running GIS software, please contact the CSSD Helpdesk.