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EAL Related Services

Gift and Exchange Partners

The EAL has established partnerships with over 40 libraries in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and other countries on gift donations and exchange of printed materials. The most recent partner library is Yanbian University, China, for exchange of materials published in Western countries and Korean materials published in Yangbian area and North Korea.

Librarian Training and Exchange

To further strengthen connections with its partners from China, the East Asian Library (EAL) in cooperation with the ULS, has been administering and coordinating the librarian training and exchange program since its inception in 1997. As of February 2011, 39 Chinese librarians and library school faculty members from 16 different research institutes have been trained each for a period ranging from three months to 12 months. These Chinese library professionals have gone through hands-on training in the areas of information technology, user services, technical processing, and library management at the ULS in conjunction with research and course work at School of Information Sciences.

As an exchange, the ULS has sent 14 librarians to Chinese partner libraries to give lectures on recent development in American libraries, to observe Chinese library operations, and to work with Chinese colleagues.

In addition, the East Asian Library (EAL) has hosted 4 visiting scholars from Korea and 1 visiting librarian from Japan each for a stay ranging from 3 months to 1 year.

Outreach Activities

The EAL has actively participated in on-campus and local community events to showcase library services and resources. Highlights of outreach activities include coordinating the International Week and Asian Studies Center display booths at various events, supporting Chinese School of Pittsburgh, Organization of Asian Americans, Chinese Association for Science and Technology, Chinese Scholars Organization, the Japan Association of Greater Pittsburgh, hosting several exhibitions about Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cultures and languages, and participating in annual Dragon Boat Festival organized by the Pittsburgh City since 2002.