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EAL Japan Information Service

About the Japan Information Service (JIS)

The Japan Information Service (JIS) at the East Asian Library of the University Library System is happy to provide a variety of information on Japan to help people with their research. The service was established in 1996 as a collaborative effort between the University of Pittsburgh and the Japan Center for Intercultural Communication (JCIC) in Tokyo. Since 1999 the service has been co-supported by the University Library System and the Asian Studies Center. Its services are available to anyone who needs information regarding Japan, with priority given to students, faculty, staff, and alumni of the University of Pittsburgh, and community users from the Greater Pittsburgh region.

The service provides reference consultations in broad subject areas such as economics, politics and government policies, business and industries, culture, language, and so on. In addition, librarians and staff at JIS assist Pitt-affiliated users in interlibrary loan and document delivery from Japan.

For example, we could answer these kinds of questions:

  • Where can I find a haiku that depicts the joyfulness of drawing the picture of flowers ?
  • What is the population of Iwate prefecture, according to the last census? 
  • What is the statistics on inter-racial marriages in Japan from post-war era until present?
  • How and where can I obtain Nikkei editorials of August 15 from 1946 to 1981?

Just ask! Visit us on your next trip to Hillman.

Resources for Japanese Studies

With over 116,800 Japanese monographic volume holdings, 300 current serial titles, and other resources, the Japanese collection ranks the 15th in North America.  The Japanese collection has notable strengths in Japanese economic history, linguistics and pedagogy, medical history, modern literature, history and culture of Japanese movies, pre-modern history of art, and religion of pre-modern period. New subjects are also under development, such as classics, religion of contemporary period, and mass media and identity of contemporary period.

One of the valuable part of the Japanese Collection is the Mitsui Collection recently donated by the Institute for Financial and Economic Research (金融経済研究所) of the former Mitsui Bank. It is one of the best collections on Japanese finance, the former Japanese colonies (Taiwan, Manchuria, Korea) and international finance. It also contains materials on labor problem, social movement, company and local histories, pre- and post-war biographies, and an assortment of statistical annuals and other kinds of yearbooks.

Pittsburgh Japanese Community Information

  • Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania (English, Japanese)
    A society  of individuals, corporations and organizations that aim to provide informative, innovative programming in order to encourage a better understanding of the business, cultural, social, educational and political practices and customs of Japan and the United States.
  • The Japan Association of Greater Pittsburgh (Japanese)
    A nonprofit organization to promote mutual friendship among Japanese in Pittsburgh. The Association's quarterly newsletter is available at the periodical section of the East Asian Library from the inaugural issue in 1991.
  • Komachi (English, Japanese)
    A resource guide for Japanese people who are new to the Pittsburgh area. The site is maintained by a group of volunteers from Carnegie Mellon University and others.