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EAL Instruction

About the Program

The East Asian Library at University of Pittsburgh offers library instruction classes for users to achieve information competency and develop basic research skills for East Asian Studies. We teach skills needed to identify library and information services and collections. All classes would be taught in English, Chinese, Japanese or Korean upon request. Check out the multi-lingual program introduction.

Library Orientation for International Users

As part of the Hillman international student instruction program, East Asian Library offers Hillman library orientations in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages to Pitt students, faculty, and visiting scholars. The orientation is offered any time upon request during a semester.  For further information, please contact 

Ms. Xiuying Zou: 
412-648-7781 (phone); 412-648-7683 (fax)

Class Presentations upon Faculty Request

Special sessions are available to faculty who wants a library presentation for his/her class on the use of a particular collection, reference materials, databases, other resources in the library, or an overall introduction to the EAL resources. To schedule a presentation, please contact 

Ms. Haihui Zhang
412-624-5652 (phone), 412-648-7683 (fax)

Introduction to Resources in the East Asian Library

The session introduces the resources at East Asian Library and teaches how to access them. To attend this session, please just come to the East Asian Library office (Hillman 207) looking for Ms. Xiuying Zou, the Public Services Librarian. You may also contact her through email or phone to set up an appointment.

Individual Reserach Consultations by Appointment

Individual instruction sessions are offered by appointment for in-depth assistance to faculty and students in using specialized resources, developing effective library related assignments, or developing bibliography for a research project. For an individual instruction session, please contact: 

Ms. Haihui Zhang
412-624-5652 (phone), 412-648-7683 (fax)

Mr. Hiroyuki Nagahashi Good 
Phone: (412) 648-8187

East Asian Library Information Service

Experienced librarians and information specialists are ready to assist patrons during regular office hours at the East Asian Library, Monday through Friday.

In addition to onsite visit, you may also call or email us any time if you have any questions. Below are the contact information:

  • Ms.Haihui Zhang, Chinese Studies Librarian, Tel: 412-624-5652; email: 
  • Mr. Hiroyuki Good, Japanese Studies Librarian, Tel: 412-648-8187; email 
  • Ms. Xiuying Zou, Public Services / Korean Studies Librarian, Tel: 412-648-7781; email