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Workshops for the Pitt Community 

Download a PDF of the Spring 2015 Workshops for the Pitt Community

ULS\iSchool Digital Scholarship Workshop Lecture & Series

CIDDE workshops for TAs (Select sessions held in Hillman Library)

Citation Management Tools

Hillman Library Tours

Join us for a free introduction to the University Library System and Hillman Library.
Meet at the seating area across from the Information Service Desk on the Ground Floor during one of these scheduled times:

By Appointment

If you would like individualized help, please contact Marian Hampton at to arrange an appointment at your convenience. Your research needs will shape the session.

Regional Information

Custom Classes

Instructors: Course Integrated Instruction

Schedule a library instruction class tailored to your course. Liasions will work with you to design a session that meets the objective of the class, or craft research assignments that reach the learning outcomes intended for your students.

Students: Create-A-Class

You can schedule an instruction session for your discussion section, study group, dorm floor, or society meeting. Get the research help you need to succeed!